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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Poem I Have Not Yet Named

I want to understand you,

I’d never surrender you,

I want to be with you,

I want the myth of you,

I want you there,

You, who are nowhere,

I want to find you,

I want to love you,

I dream about you,

I want to hold you,

I want you here,

Just be near,

Have I yet seen you?

Do I only dream you?

Will you ever appear?

Will you never be here?

Quench my thirst,

My longing burst,

The loneliness I feel,

Are you even real?

Come and join me,

Do you only toy with me?

Are you outside my mind?

Should I leave you behind?

I can’t help but hope,

But how can I cope?

Won’t you come to me?

Must I wait eternally?


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A True Story

We wanted to leave at two,
But it was already one--who knew?
We wanted to leave at three,
So tried very hard did we,
But by the time we got out the door,
It was nearly four!

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