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Thursday, November 24, 2011

What is the world beyond the stars?

What a beautiful phrase! Now be amazed, my friends. A seven year old wrote that. A seven year old. Just today. "What is the world beyond the stars". My baby brother. By little Brother1. He had Dear Sis write it up for him, since he still struggles with putting it down himself (he's an excellent reader, though--has abeen since he was four).

Here's the lyric. I wanna share this with you because I am so incredibly impressed.

What is the world beyond the stars?
Why are you sad?
There must be
Some way to see
Why those tears come down

I know you'll be the man
Go through the ways the darkness
Come back with not even a scar
You'll that you are the man
How can you be sad?

Oh dear how are you?
Because I don't know how are you?
Oh dear how are you?
Because I don't know how are you?

(Next Verse)

There's a way through every sadness
I have seen it true
You can see the land through the winter
The summer
Even spring

You know there's no way to be sad
Through this summer day
Everything's good
Nothing's bad
Just fight the sadness

Oh dear how are you?
Because I don't know how are you?
Oh dear how are you?
Because I don't know how are you?

What kind of seven year old writes like that? He can't carry a tune for the life of him, bless his heart. But I think my brother's a poet.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

College, Cookies, and Chocolate Chips

Yessir, I'm a sixteen year old in community college. It's a totally new experience since I homeschooled all my life, but I'm loving every second. I have A's in English, A's in Psychology, A's in Music, and I'm hoping an A in art. It's a blast. Of course, I'm really busy. I'm taking part in a production o'er there, too, so I've hardly had time to post or write or draw or anything.

I did a lot of work yesterday. I cleaned up my schedule then so today I did get to draw. I'm gonna write. And right now I'm posting! I'm super happy that I got this time to lay out some sketches. We don't draw people in Art class--we draw vases. It was nice to go back to my cutesy cartoons for a little while.

I started rewriting Kings of Darkness. It's coming out pretty cool.

I don't feel like taking the time to polish this post. I just want a place to shout out my delight. Also, I'm making cookies. Cookies. How cool is that?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


BEWARE! Random italicized German words will follow in this post.

So, I was takin' college testing, and I was panicking because I somehow forgot how to divide.

WAM! Mom appears in the doorframe. She holds up a slip of paper:

DON'T PANIC, the paper says, in large friendly letters. Just like the Hitchhiker's Guide. It continues as she unfolds the parchment: It's all good. I love and adore you.

And suddenly this warm glow overcame me and I finished with college level reading and writing, followed by high school level math. Viola! Not that that has anything to do with what's going on right now, but I just wanted to proclaim how wunderbar my world really is.

Don't panic, world! It's all good! People love and adore me. I am so happy.

Now, I'm sick to my stomach thanks to too much of Momma's homemade pie, and I just saw videos of dear Mutter pre-meeting-Vater, and I just danced to some of my favorite songs (BREAKING BENJAMIN :D), and I just hung out with my dear Aunt Mars and Grandma and her BF, and I just partied like it was 2011 BABY, so I just wanted to say just how cool and sweaty and happy I am. No alcohol involved, I swear. (Dear Sis and I have a pact. But that's another post).

So. Life's cool. Life's great.

You rock :3

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pleasures vs. Habits

"First you form habits, then habits form you."

That's something pretty much everyone's heard around here, right? What I'm quickly starting to realize as I grow through life is just how sad these habits can be. Things I used to love doing -- things I would do every single day just because they were so darn awesome -- become habits. Something that is forever a part of my day, whether I like it or not.

Y'know, I used to enjoy making up a smoothie. Now it's something I expect, and even when I have it, the drink doesn't hit the spot like it used to. No tantalizing titillation of fireworks twisting over my taste buds to be found. What's worse is that when it doesn't happen, I just feel sad.

I've taken part in lots of online forums. Some were wonderful. Some were lacking. Some I still adore. And some I am attached to, in a way I'd rather not be. I keep up with these in an almost obsessive manner that blocks out the sunshine from my days and keeps me glued to the computer. I feel awful if I don't check them and unsatisfied even when I do.

While I'm on the topic of satisfaction, I'm quickly realizing how lacking that is in my life as of now. EVERYTHING is disappointing me. My favorite songs don't send my heart thumping anymore. I can't pay attention to books. Food I used to love is lacking. Everywhere I go, just about anything I do, leaves me feeling vacant. Like there's something missing from what I've just done. Like I hadn't really done it at all.

Don't think for a moment I'm unhappy. This post is certainly coming across far gloomier than I intended it to be. I guess I'm just growing up and losing my childish joy. It's weird; I always thought I'd be one of those people to play shamelessly like a kid when I was thirty-something.

I'm starting college this fall and very excited for that. I'm going to take a class in drawing that I'm really looking forwards too. There's also a musical I intend to audition for this winter. Family's over this July, and my dear mama's birthday is only a few days away. Overall, I'm looking forwards to the future (here's where I start singing Thanks for the Memoriesby Fall out Boy. Heheh XD), and I'm enjoying my now.

I do, however, think I need to eat more fruit. It's such a shame the watermelon's so bad this year. *pouts*

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Snow Patrol

I love this band beyond words. It inspires me. His voice is so soft and beautiful. The lulling beats are hypnotic (they make me think of The Phantom of the Opera, almost). The music just draws you in.

And then there's the lyrics. I look for song meanings despite the fact that I already feel what they are about; I just have a hard time putting it to words. Yet most everyone seems to think these are break up songs. I don't buy it. The ones that ARE about romance don't feel like an 'end' to me. More like a road bump. Like a row in the middle of a loving couple. That's what I love about this band-- how their lyrics portray the rough side of a relationship with someone you care about without being rid of the good side.

"It's beginning to get to me
That I know more of the stars and sea
Than I do of what's in your head
Barely touching in our cold bed

Are you beginning to get my point?
How all this fighting with aching joints
Is doing nothing but tire us out
No one knows what this fight's about

It's so thrilling but oh so wrong
Don't have to prove that you are so strong
'Cause I can carry you on my back
After our enemies attack

I tried to tell you before I left
But I was screaming under my breath
You are the only thing that makes sense
Just ignore all this present tense"

I mean, how beautiful is that? Don't get me started on 'Eyes Open', 'Run', or 'Chasing Cars'. Those songs make me cry. Then there's 'Shut Your Eyes', just about the COOLEST song EVER, and the bouncy 'Hands Open'. Anyhow, check Snow Patrol out. Seriously. The two albums I've heard of theirs rock.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011




It's been a while, hasn't it?

Okay, so I'm belated, but here mid-February I'll gladly grin and wish you the best this 2011. So far, my year's especially grand because this one, for the first time since 2008, I'm starting it without rheumatoid arthritis. I'M CURED! HURRAY! Yay for low-dose naltroxone even if it gives me insomnia! I CAN MOVE AGAIN!!

Which brings me to my first resolution. I want to get in shape! Sitting on the couch writing stories/watching tv/writing fanfiction/other non-physical activities (bad girl!) lost me the gorgeous physique I had when I was twelve. My muscles faded, a stomach appeared, AND I gained quite a bit of facial fat. Which is just laaaaaaame, 'cause I'm now a walking weakling as well as totally inflexible. I really want to be strong and lean again. Sooooo... #1! Get fit.

(There was a day I thought I'd never, ever, ever, ever have to wish that, and I allowed myself a bit of smugness over all the poor people who did. I feel utterly evil for that now.)

MOVING ON. I want to finish That Story with Esme and Faun! I still owe you a post describing those two darling gypsies, don't I, since you already Met Cass (see my previous post ;) ). I was writing a thousand words every single day in that novel for a few in a row, but I'm very quickly going nowhere. Writer's block be-darned. I guess I just have to sit down and do it. Now we've got #2! Finish That Story.

I'd also like to learn German, but it's going to be hard to find a way to do that. In the meanwhile, I already know a few words! Like danke and guten abend and gut Gott.

So, there you go. Get fit! Finish a story (I've got tons of ideas! I'll tell you all about them later, I promise. There's so much I want to share)! Learn German!

I guess now I'm off to start the new year and continue my old life, which I adore quite grandly. Much love, and keep checking over here at my galaxy, 'kay? I'll never abandon this dear blog for good ;)