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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wednesday Wishes #8

Now it's time for Wednesday Wishes! Sorry I missed so many!

  1. I wish time didn't pass quite so fast.
  2. I wish that I will live for 253 years! (and more)
  3. I wish that planning the week meals was fun.
  4. I wish that I could see my friends more often.
  5. I wish I could have gone to Gym Day today... oh well...
  6. I wish I could sing beautifully.
  7. I wish I could get some inspiration on K.o.D..
  8. I wish that Inkdeath (the third in the Ink series by Cornelia Funke) was in my hands right now!!!
  9. I wish that I had Dark Whispers (the third in the Unicorn Chronicles by Bruce Coville--a most wonderful author) in my hands right after I finished reading Inkdeath.
  10. I wish that I will have a most wonderful life... I'm doing pretty good on fulfilling that wish so far :)


Sunday, February 17, 2008

If Galaxy was in Harry Potter land...

Hmm... never would have guessed that... Apparently if I were under the sorting hat I would be placed in...

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

Cool. Now what actuall character would I be...?

Which HP Kid Are You?
What?!?! Wow! Is that me? I don't know... What do you think?



Wow... what a wonderful day! Sunday is my absolute favorite day of the week for many reasons:

  1. Daddy stays home!
  2. We usually have a really wonderful breakfast! (today I made some Blueberry Muffins and Eggless Omlettes)
  3. We don't have to go anywhere unless we want to!
  4. We normally play games and just hang out with each other!
  5. It's just a grand day that we use for family time!

That's why I love Sunday... the most fabulous day of the week. Yes... there is nothing better than a nice Sunday day.

On a different note, in this fabulous gift Grandma Janie gave me (The Daring Book For Girls... one time Daddy saw it and asked, "What should I do with The Darling Book For Girls?" It was sooo funny! Whenever we see that book we tease him about it) it had some stuff on Yoga--the Sun Salutation to be exact. I learned it yesturday, and it's not that bad... except that Dear Sister was teasing me about it and just refused to even try it! It was the first thing I did this morning after I got up, and it was actually kind of relaxing.

Well, that's all the main happenings of Sunday so far... happy Sunday to you!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Wow, 12 years is a long time. My mommy and daddy have been married for that long... it's wonderful. Today is their 'Silk' anniversary, now that could mean the fabric silk, or Chocolate 'Silk' Soy Milk! I wonder which definition they prefer??? Anyway, they are amazing Parents and love each other so much and they deserve this anniversary and a wonderful one, too. Mommy and Daddy are so cool and this is their special day to celebrate their love.

Happy anniversary most wonderful parents!

(please do give them some anniversary hugs)

give Mommy_and_Daddy more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Funny Story

Okay, so yesterday I was at the Co-Op with daddy, nothing unusual about that. Anyway, while Dad was buying the food I was looking at some plants. They had bunches of really cute really tiny plants! Then I saw some adorable Cacti! They were so tiny! They had about three different verities there at that moment. I bent over and touched one that's poky-thing's were like a porcupine. Then I touched one that had slightly denser not as strong pokies, they didn't really hurt. THEN my eyes fell on the third, it had quills that were slightly thicker than a strand of hair and were very tiny, it looked rather fuzzy. I leaned over and touched it... Why couldn’t I keep my hands to myself? The darn thing had hooks! My finger was stuck!!! And it hurt like none of the others... The little quill was stuck to me! I tried to move my finger away but it wouldn't come out!
"Daddy!" I called in anguish. "I'm stuck!"
Later dad told me he thought I'd put my finger in a Venus fly-trap.
Anyway, daddy did come and cut that god-forsaken-hooky-quill so I could move my finger. After that, I twisted the quill out of my finger. It still hurt five minutes later.

Important Life Lesson Learned From This:

Don't touch Cacti, they hurt.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Alphabet!

I'm going to use the alphabet to describe my life... Here it goes!

A is for Acting
B is for Ballet
C is for Caring
D is for Dancing
E is for Electricity
F is for Family
G is for God
H is for Home
I is for I love you!
J is for ??? (Brother1)
K is for Karen
L is for Loving
M is for Mother
N is for Never-Ending
O is for Openness
P is for ??? (Dear Sister)
Q is for Qacei
R is for Renivation
S is for Surprise!
T is for ??? (Brother2)
U is for Understanding
V if for Vegan
W is for Waiting
X is for... I don't know! I'll have to cheat here... X-Ray!
Y is for YOU
Z is for ??? (me)

Well, that is the Alphabet that best describes my life...


Thursday, February 7, 2008

What a meeting...

Here in my neiborhood we have CC&Rs/Home Owners Association... Once a year they have a meeting. In the ten years we've lived here, we've never gone.

Recently, a lot of people haven't been happy with the Home Owners Association, and there has been a lot of action going on... This year, my entire family and I all went to the meeting so we could understand what was going on.

Big mistake.

You wouldn't believe the hostility there was. One person from the Board (the people in charge of the Association) had just started to talk when a lady got out of her seat and started jabbing her finger at him and saying things that we couldn't hear from our seat. Then a lot people started clapping and going 'yeah! yeah!' in the end, the entire Board had to leave, and this woman who kept yelling 'Go to the press! Go to the press!' went up as well as a much more sensible woman, but everyone kept yelling and talking at once... it was like a movie! Or watching Judge Joe Brown (not that actually watch or like that show, but I have seen it a couple of times on TV)...

Anyway, absloutely nothing was occomplished and Dear Sister, Brother1, Brother2 and I were the only kids there so I didn't meet any new kids or make any new friends... In the end, we all decided to go home and rent the fifth movie of Harry Potter and eat cookies--a very tempting alternative!



Half Way There!!!

Hurray! I have reached page 100 on Kings Of Darkness! It took many monthes, but I finally made it! I'm about halfway through, as I would like to make my story somewhere around 200 pages. I'm so excited!


Thursday Thanks #3

There are soo many wonderful things in the world... So much to to be thankful for... here are some things that really make my world shine:
  1. I'm very grateful to have such a wonderful family.
  2. I'm very grateful to have such fabulous friends.
  3. I'm thankful that my parents are together, and will be forever and ever.
  4. I'm happy that Dear Sister and I have such a wonderful sister-sister relationship, not only is she my sister, but she's my very best friend, no matter how many times we argue! (and we don't really argue that often!)
  5. I'm glad that I have lived in this same house for about TEN YEARS! This place really is my home, and I don't think anywhere else could be that to me, not for a loooong time at least.
  6. I'm glad that I know other vegans who are really great friends to me and my family!
  7. I'm glad that I am writing Kings of Darkness and that--I think, anyway--it is coming out really well!
  8. I'm very happy that I'm Vegan!
  9. I'm so glad that I have such wonderful food!
  10. I'm thankful that I have a computer.
  11. I thank all that there is in the universe for one of the most fabulous things in the world: Libraries!
  12. I'm so grateful to have such a fabulous life!

Well, those are my Thursday Thanks... I hope you have bunches of things to be thankful for as well!


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wednesday Wishes #7

    Now it's time for the latest edtion in Wednesday Wishes!!!

  1. I wish that I could win a million dollars!

  2. I wish I could sing very beautifully.

  3. I wish that I will become one of the most beautiful ballerinas in the entire world!!!

  4. I wish there were more days in a week--as long as Daddy could have more days off too.

  5. I wish I had a cool movie I could watch with my family.

  6. I wish I had remembered to get The Farthest Away Mountain and The Dragons Laire (or whatever it's called) on a CD so me and Dear Sister could listen to them.

  7. I wish that I will get inspiration on Kings Of Darkness!

  8. I wish that Sirena (see my Book Blog at the post Sirena) had a happy ending, then I would really love the book.

  9. I wish that Daddy will have a very happy birthday! (his birthday is coming up soon! Febuary 18th!)

  10. I wish for all the world to be wonderfully happy!


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tuesday Tips

This is something I learned from a blogger friend of mine... I hope these tips are good!

1: If you ever have a good melodie, record it immediatly. Believe me, you'll regret it if you don't!
2: If you are trying to memorize lines for a play or something, a good way to do that is by writing them over and over.
3: If you are writing a story, a movie, a play, a musical... or anything, and you are bored out of your wits and absolutly must get it done, try listening to music that suits the mood of your story (rock for battle scenes, soft music for romance scenes... you get the idea), it's a little distracing, yes, but it helps take away the boredom.
4: If you have a bunch of fruit, wash all of them off and put them in a large bowl, that way if you are all the sudden hungry you can grab a fruit right away!
5: Before you start to cook anything, read through the WHOLE recipe at least once, and read each step as you cook as well, trust me, bad things can happen if you don't!

Hope you find this useful!