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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tuesday Tips

This is something I learned from a blogger friend of mine... I hope these tips are good!

1: If you ever have a good melodie, record it immediatly. Believe me, you'll regret it if you don't!
2: If you are trying to memorize lines for a play or something, a good way to do that is by writing them over and over.
3: If you are writing a story, a movie, a play, a musical... or anything, and you are bored out of your wits and absolutly must get it done, try listening to music that suits the mood of your story (rock for battle scenes, soft music for romance scenes... you get the idea), it's a little distracing, yes, but it helps take away the boredom.
4: If you have a bunch of fruit, wash all of them off and put them in a large bowl, that way if you are all the sudden hungry you can grab a fruit right away!
5: Before you start to cook anything, read through the WHOLE recipe at least once, and read each step as you cook as well, trust me, bad things can happen if you don't!

Hope you find this useful!



mom said...

yes, these are all great... especially number five, got myself into trouble more than once failing to do that!

froggy said...

Good tips, Galaxy. I especially like the one about writing down what you want to makes a lot of sense!

Anonymous said...

Hi Galaxy,
Very nice blog you have here. Which pictures did you want me to redo? Persimmon doesn't know either.

Galaxy said...

Yeah, number five is one I learned the hard way! Thanks guys!

persimmon said...

Well I recorded my melody on my phone, but then I didn't have that phone # any longer and I lost everything that was recorded...

Reading the entire recipe. I briefly scan the recipe, then just make up my own. I don't think I've followed a recipe in &^%$# years. But I do follow directions on packages for microwaving and or cooking. For instance, one prepackaged pizza said never cook it in a toaster oven - can cause I am diligent there.

Galaxy said...

Yeah, Nana, I've noticed! You read the ingredients, then you add an estimate of most of them, and decide to add less of this and more of that! It almost always does turn out good, though... How do you do it?