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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday Thanks #3

There are soo many wonderful things in the world... So much to to be thankful for... here are some things that really make my world shine:
  1. I'm very grateful to have such a wonderful family.
  2. I'm very grateful to have such fabulous friends.
  3. I'm thankful that my parents are together, and will be forever and ever.
  4. I'm happy that Dear Sister and I have such a wonderful sister-sister relationship, not only is she my sister, but she's my very best friend, no matter how many times we argue! (and we don't really argue that often!)
  5. I'm glad that I have lived in this same house for about TEN YEARS! This place really is my home, and I don't think anywhere else could be that to me, not for a loooong time at least.
  6. I'm glad that I know other vegans who are really great friends to me and my family!
  7. I'm glad that I am writing Kings of Darkness and that--I think, anyway--it is coming out really well!
  8. I'm very happy that I'm Vegan!
  9. I'm so glad that I have such wonderful food!
  10. I'm thankful that I have a computer.
  11. I thank all that there is in the universe for one of the most fabulous things in the world: Libraries!
  12. I'm so grateful to have such a fabulous life!

Well, those are my Thursday Thanks... I hope you have bunches of things to be thankful for as well!


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