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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fall Fashions


So it's the cold season and that means that it's fall fashion! No more cute skorts or simple sundresses, which is sad, but now it's time to pull out all of those turtle necks (a great look on a cool day, they work really well with jeans and a head band), sweat shirts (these look good with jeans or sweats and I would put my hair in a pony braid [two braids that join together at the back of my neck and become a pony tail the rest of the way]), and sweats (sweats work best with--big surprise--sweat shirts)! I'm going to be a Harpy for Halloween hopefully, though i might end up being whatever we have in the dress up clothes... I really want to be a Harpy though. Home School Gym Day (when all of us homeschoolers go to a gym and hang out) is cancelled this Halloween, which makes me really sad because i wanted to hang out with my friends and show off my costume... Oh well... I'll still have fun.

Any suggestions on where to find a black jumpsuit for the harpy i want to be?


Friday, October 26, 2007


I was just playing dolls with Dear Sister and Daddy... Even though I'm 12 years old I've never grown out of them... I guess i don't enjoy them as much as i used to, but i still love to play with Dear Sister! I also love playing Dungeons & Dragons, it's just so much fun!!!

I love doing point work at ballet, even though I'm not that talented--though i do excel in the rest of ballet... ohhhhhhhhhhh my feet hurt... the one penalty of the wonderful art of ballet: you're sore all the time... Oh well, i love it.

Life is pretty good, i made some fluffy carob cookies yesterday and they were absolutely fantastic! Even though I'm vegan (when i say vegan i don't mean i don't use leather or i don't eat honey, but i do NOT eat any meat-- meat includes fish--and dairy products) doesn't mean i can't enjoy food as much as you can (Mmmmmmmmmmmmm...)! I'm learning new recipes all the time and enjoying the fruits of my labor. We've been eating more sweets then we should lately, but we'll get off it when the holiday season is over (fingers crossed).

Funny Story:

We were driving home from ballet when mommy suggested that we went to Burger Ville to eat, me and Dear Sister begged her and Daddy not to! Then, i realized this: We were the kids and WE were the ones wanting not to go out! Isn't that funny? Me and Dear Sister have gotten tired of that greasy food that makes you feel sick...

I've been feeling really happy recently... I don't know why. Me and Dear Sister have been getting along really well, so maybe that has something to do with it... also Brother2 is adorable and still a little baby... maybe that's it, Brother1 is wonderfully cute and talking up a storm... i wonder that might be why i feel this way.

Kings of Darkness is going really well and i can't wait to publish it! I'm only on page #47, but some day I'll finish it. Writing's hard.

Thanks so much for reading!


Friday, October 19, 2007


I love the feel of fall/winter! I just took a smell of that cold air... Oh my! It feels like Thanksgiving and Christmas! I love the dark, moist air... the cool and starry nights... I keep forgetting how much I love winter and fall until they come around again! I can't wait until Thanksgiving... We're going to make a tofurky! It was SO delicious last year... My mouth is watering just thinking about it... And I'll make some chocolate pudding... yeah, that sounds good... Any way, for Halloween I'll be a harpy (half bird half woman). I'm not going to go trick-or-treating this year because I'm Vegan and I wouldn't like to be around so much candy. I am going to dress up and go to ballet for some Halloween class, it will be a lot of fun. I plan to make a cake! I love cooking. I make meals for my family all the time now, I made us pancakes for breakfast today. I hope you're as excited about fall as I am!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Crazy Dreams

Dreams are really weird. Really really weird. Last night, i dreamed i was kidnapped by some witches, three of them. Their names were: Holly, Sibyl and i don't know the others. Any way, they looked a lot like the witches from that movie 'Star Dust' if you saw it. The way i finally escaped was by finding out one thing about them: They all had the same name. After i said that, they just shrieked and my dream was pretty much over. One really weird thing about it is that it had subtitles, this is the first time i ever had subtitles in a dream. I was wearing this really really ugly plaid dress, well, the witches made me wear it. I figured out they had the same name (i guess that was their magical weakness or something) because of a flashback i saw for some strange reason: It showed their mother appear--i think she was a witch too--she made the witches who had me kidnapped appear out of nowhere, (that was how they were 'born' i guess), only they were full grown. They were beautiful then, not ugly and old like they were in most of my dream. Each one stepped forward and the mother witch said:
"You are ??? (i can't remember what name she said)"
"No! I want Holly!" the first one said.
"Alright," the mother witch went to the next one, "You are ??? (the same name she said last time)"
"No! I want a Sibyl!" (whatever a Sibyl is)
"Alright," she went to the last one. "You are ???" the same name again.
"No! I want ???" i can't remember what name that one said.
Any way, they weren't talking about names, the meant Christmas presents! (i don't know why) So they were actually all named the same thing. That was the magical weakness. I figured it out somehow and got away.
So i hope you've enjoyed my freaky dream... I don't know how all this got in my head. Just thought i'd share it. Have you had any weird dreams?


Monday, October 15, 2007

Waking Up


If you want to get up in the morning, DON'T LIE BACK DOWN! I've done it millions of times! It usually goes something like this:
Alarm goes off, i get up,
"Oh! It's just so early... I'll lie down for five minutes!"
Next thing i know it's 10:00! Just remember that. The sad thing is that i know better, i just keep doing it! I didn't do it yesterday, which was really smart, but i did to day... Oh well. Here's a Tip:
If you can have two alarms, set one alarm for 30 to 60 minutes before you need to be up, set the other for when you need to be up. When the first alarm goes off, you turn it off then go back to bed, then the other goes off and you get out! This creates the illusion of sleeping in.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kings of Darkness

As you know (if you read the 'about me' thing) i'm writing a book called "Kings of Darkness", i really enjoy writing. Kings (kings of darkness) is a cool book, but i'm only on page 45 (?). It's a fantasy (as you probably guessed since i love them so much!) about a girl named May who gets thrust into this land called Glorsifil where she has to join these Rebels and fight a king named Ronan. I plan to make it around 200 pages. I'm not going to tell you much more because if i do then why would you get the book once it's published? I really want to publish this book! I'd like to be the youngest published author in history! Who knows, maybe i will! I don't usually think about that though, I mostly think about what a cool book it is and how much i want to get it out!

Thanks for reading!


The end of summer...


So summer's over... I miss it already. The thing i'll miss most is swimming! We had to put our pool away yesterday, we were out there forever and it still wasn't done! Daddy, Dear Sister (find her blog at: and i were doing it for a long time... My left pinkie turned completely white! I'm not kidding! I could barely feel it... We finished it just a little bit ago, mommy would have helped but she had to watch and care for Brother2. As the end of summer approached, i started to fear it... but then i thought of all the wonderful things fall would bring: the gorgeous leaves, Halloween, Not-Back-To-School-Day, Thanks Giving, and of course it will be cooler... If only i could just keep swimming with out freezing to death... But then what would summer be good for? I don't know... It's just my favorite season.


Good Books:

Okay, here are some books that i really love!

Eragon: Eragon is a great book for fantasy lovers (like me)! It's about a man (he's almost a man anyway) named Eragon (big surprise) who finds a blue stone. The blue stone turns out to be a dragon egg, he and the Dragon do well at first, but then these strangers come to Carvahall (the city he lives in) and that changes everything. I'm really bad at giving descriptions so i'll just give a review: It's highly interesting but a little sad at some points, it has magic and mystery and keeps you guessing, it's my favorite (besides Eldest)
Eldest: If you liked Eragon, then you should read this, the next book in the series of inheritance. This one has a little less action, but still is really good. It takes the perspective of a few other characters more than in Eragon (the book), but still focuses on Eragon (the human). It has a lot more magic, and the end broke my heart, don't worry, things can go on! It just made me furious... No one that important died, though i fear for a few characters in the next book. Eragon falls in love in this one, but his affections aren't returned, it's all a good story and just as good as Eragon, if not better.
Into The Land Of The Unicorns: IF YOU ARE A BOY, DON'T SKIP OVER THIS! Even though it had a girly name, it is not a girly book (though it might be, just tiny tiny bit)! It's very interesting, it has betrayals and truths, magic and monsters, adventures and secrets, and best of all: it's by Bruce Coville! It's a wonderful book and keeps you glued to it 'til the end!
Song of the Wanderer: Song of the wanderer is better than the first book, Into the Land of the Unicorns, but has the same basic theme. It's really enjoyable and i'm waiting and waiting for the third book!
Ink Heart: It's a book by Cornelia Funke, and it's awsome! The story takes place in this world, but it ties into many others. It's really good, but has less magic and action than the other books. The whole theme is about people who can read things/people in/out of books because the books are real! The people in them exsist in a differant world! But we don't find out until later in the book. Sorry if i ruined it. The story centers around a girl named Meggie whose actually more crazy about books than me (and that's saying something)! I really loved this book, it had mystery and magic and stories that have those are always my favorites. This book is going to be a movie soon so you might want to read this first.
Ink Spell: This is the second book to Ink Heart, it has a LOT more magic than the other and takes place mainly in another world--though it still centers on Meggie. This one is a little mushy and slightly romantic, but not so much that it should bother you all that much.

I can't think of any others at the moment, so i'll write more later!