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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fall Fashions


So it's the cold season and that means that it's fall fashion! No more cute skorts or simple sundresses, which is sad, but now it's time to pull out all of those turtle necks (a great look on a cool day, they work really well with jeans and a head band), sweat shirts (these look good with jeans or sweats and I would put my hair in a pony braid [two braids that join together at the back of my neck and become a pony tail the rest of the way]), and sweats (sweats work best with--big surprise--sweat shirts)! I'm going to be a Harpy for Halloween hopefully, though i might end up being whatever we have in the dress up clothes... I really want to be a Harpy though. Home School Gym Day (when all of us homeschoolers go to a gym and hang out) is cancelled this Halloween, which makes me really sad because i wanted to hang out with my friends and show off my costume... Oh well... I'll still have fun.

Any suggestions on where to find a black jumpsuit for the harpy i want to be?


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