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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Good Books:

Okay, here are some books that i really love!

Eragon: Eragon is a great book for fantasy lovers (like me)! It's about a man (he's almost a man anyway) named Eragon (big surprise) who finds a blue stone. The blue stone turns out to be a dragon egg, he and the Dragon do well at first, but then these strangers come to Carvahall (the city he lives in) and that changes everything. I'm really bad at giving descriptions so i'll just give a review: It's highly interesting but a little sad at some points, it has magic and mystery and keeps you guessing, it's my favorite (besides Eldest)
Eldest: If you liked Eragon, then you should read this, the next book in the series of inheritance. This one has a little less action, but still is really good. It takes the perspective of a few other characters more than in Eragon (the book), but still focuses on Eragon (the human). It has a lot more magic, and the end broke my heart, don't worry, things can go on! It just made me furious... No one that important died, though i fear for a few characters in the next book. Eragon falls in love in this one, but his affections aren't returned, it's all a good story and just as good as Eragon, if not better.
Into The Land Of The Unicorns: IF YOU ARE A BOY, DON'T SKIP OVER THIS! Even though it had a girly name, it is not a girly book (though it might be, just tiny tiny bit)! It's very interesting, it has betrayals and truths, magic and monsters, adventures and secrets, and best of all: it's by Bruce Coville! It's a wonderful book and keeps you glued to it 'til the end!
Song of the Wanderer: Song of the wanderer is better than the first book, Into the Land of the Unicorns, but has the same basic theme. It's really enjoyable and i'm waiting and waiting for the third book!
Ink Heart: It's a book by Cornelia Funke, and it's awsome! The story takes place in this world, but it ties into many others. It's really good, but has less magic and action than the other books. The whole theme is about people who can read things/people in/out of books because the books are real! The people in them exsist in a differant world! But we don't find out until later in the book. Sorry if i ruined it. The story centers around a girl named Meggie whose actually more crazy about books than me (and that's saying something)! I really loved this book, it had mystery and magic and stories that have those are always my favorites. This book is going to be a movie soon so you might want to read this first.
Ink Spell: This is the second book to Ink Heart, it has a LOT more magic than the other and takes place mainly in another world--though it still centers on Meggie. This one is a little mushy and slightly romantic, but not so much that it should bother you all that much.

I can't think of any others at the moment, so i'll write more later!


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