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Friday, October 26, 2007


I was just playing dolls with Dear Sister and Daddy... Even though I'm 12 years old I've never grown out of them... I guess i don't enjoy them as much as i used to, but i still love to play with Dear Sister! I also love playing Dungeons & Dragons, it's just so much fun!!!

I love doing point work at ballet, even though I'm not that talented--though i do excel in the rest of ballet... ohhhhhhhhhhh my feet hurt... the one penalty of the wonderful art of ballet: you're sore all the time... Oh well, i love it.

Life is pretty good, i made some fluffy carob cookies yesterday and they were absolutely fantastic! Even though I'm vegan (when i say vegan i don't mean i don't use leather or i don't eat honey, but i do NOT eat any meat-- meat includes fish--and dairy products) doesn't mean i can't enjoy food as much as you can (Mmmmmmmmmmmmm...)! I'm learning new recipes all the time and enjoying the fruits of my labor. We've been eating more sweets then we should lately, but we'll get off it when the holiday season is over (fingers crossed).

Funny Story:

We were driving home from ballet when mommy suggested that we went to Burger Ville to eat, me and Dear Sister begged her and Daddy not to! Then, i realized this: We were the kids and WE were the ones wanting not to go out! Isn't that funny? Me and Dear Sister have gotten tired of that greasy food that makes you feel sick...

I've been feeling really happy recently... I don't know why. Me and Dear Sister have been getting along really well, so maybe that has something to do with it... also Brother2 is adorable and still a little baby... maybe that's it, Brother1 is wonderfully cute and talking up a storm... i wonder that might be why i feel this way.

Kings of Darkness is going really well and i can't wait to publish it! I'm only on page #47, but some day I'll finish it. Writing's hard.

Thanks so much for reading!


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