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Sunday, October 14, 2007

The end of summer...


So summer's over... I miss it already. The thing i'll miss most is swimming! We had to put our pool away yesterday, we were out there forever and it still wasn't done! Daddy, Dear Sister (find her blog at: and i were doing it for a long time... My left pinkie turned completely white! I'm not kidding! I could barely feel it... We finished it just a little bit ago, mommy would have helped but she had to watch and care for Brother2. As the end of summer approached, i started to fear it... but then i thought of all the wonderful things fall would bring: the gorgeous leaves, Halloween, Not-Back-To-School-Day, Thanks Giving, and of course it will be cooler... If only i could just keep swimming with out freezing to death... But then what would summer be good for? I don't know... It's just my favorite season.


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