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Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Giver

You Are An ENFJ

The Giver

You strive to maintain harmony in relationships, and usually succeed.
Articulate and enthusiastic, you are good at making personal connections.
Sometimes you idealize relationships too much - and end up being let down.
You find the most energy and comfort in social situations ... where you shine.

In love, you are very protective and supporting.
However, you do need to "feel special" - and it's quite easy for you to get jealous.

At work, you are a natural leader. You can help people discover their greatest potential.
You would make a good writer, human resources director, or psychologist.

How you see yourself: Trusting, idealistic, and expressive
When other people don't get you, they see you as: Bossy, inappropriate, and loud

Does this sound like me to you?

Friday, March 28, 2008


In the ABC post, I said my indulgence was sweets, and though that is true to some point, after much thought, I've decided my indulgence is a nice big Cherry Vanilla Italian Soda from Dutch Brothers. Really. It's carbonated, it's sweet, it's spicy, and a little bit creamy with some soy-milk. Yep, definitely, my indulgence is an Italian Soda.

Oh, and I'll try give you an Easter post soon... I have it all written up, I just want to get this video on the computer so I can stick it on the post. Sorry it's taking me so long!


Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter '08

Wondering what I did on Easter? Well, here's your answer in the form of this mile long post!

The first few hours we didn't really do anything, we had some Over-Night Oatmeal for breakfast (it's absolutely devine. 1 cup of porridge, 1 cup of soymilk or apple juice, half a teaspoon of cinnamon and a tablespoon of currents or raisins. It's wonderful with raisins, but it's best with currents), and we just hung out while we waited for Nana and Don to come.

When they did arrive, we played around for a while and Dear Sister and I started to stuff some Easter Eggs with some confetti and tokens. When we were done, we had a lot of eggs. Mean while, Mommy was making some split-pea soup for dinner, and Brother1, Nana, Don and Daddy were practicing finding/hiding Easter Eggs.

After Dear Sister and were done with the eggs, we made some bunny ears for each other and Brother1. After that, we did a silly little dance my sister and I had choreographed together called 'The Bunny Hop' while the soup was cooking. I tried to get a video on this post, but unfortunately I couldn't get it to work. Sometime I'll put a post up of just the video if I ever CAN get it on... Sorry!

Once that was done we all just hung out until dinner was ready, after which we had our Easter Egg Hunt. It was a lot of fun. Here are all the Easter Goodies I found:

A 'Peter' token
(made by Dear Sister)

A 'Cottontail' token
(made by Dear Sister)

A fuzzy pink ball

A little egg

A tiny little animal thingy

Another Egg

A Bunny Token

(made by Dear Sister)

And a little bunny popping out of an egg

After all this, I took pictures and we all just sat around and talked. By now it was getting a little late, and Nana and Don had to go. We said our long goodbyes and with sad hearts watched them leave.

After that we were bored so we decided to rent a movie. We picked out a few we wanted, and Daddy went to the movie-rental place. Here's a list of what we wanted to get:

  1. Enchanted. And if they didn't have that then we wanted...
  2. Nancy Drew. And if we couldn't have that then...
  3. Bee Movie. And if not that...
  4. The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising.

Anyway, while Daddy was gone I made some Brownies (yes, it is possible to have devine brownies without dairy) and Mommy made some praline. Daddy got home and while the brownies were cooking we watched the movie (which turned out to be Nancy Drew). In the middle of the show the brownies were done, and I took them out while Mommy made some whipped cream (again, it is possible to have wonderful whipped cream without dairy). Then we put the praline on the Brownies, and the whipped cream on top of the praline. Here's a picture of the brownies just to torment you (and me, every time I come to look at my blog):

So, we finished the brownies (sniff, sniff) and finished the movie and after that it was time for bed. We gave each other our hugs and kisses goodnight and went to bed to end this wonderful day.

I had an awesome Easter.... I hope you did too!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!


Today is Easter and I'm really excited! I can't believe that this is really Easter... wow... It kinda snuck up on me this year.
Anyway, we havn't done anything yet, but we should soon. I'll post more about this tomorrow or late today, but I just wanted to wish you a...

Happy Easter!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

I might have seen the President...

I just saw Obama! Can you believe it?!?!?!

I'd just gotten out of ballet when I heard that Obama was here, so we ('we' meaning me and my fam) ran over to where he was and waited. I had the best view by far because Daddy put me on his shoulders, high above the crowd... it's so cool that even though I'm almost* 13 my daddy can still hold me... Anyway, back on topic: Obama looked rather friendly, and he shook a lot of hands. I don't really know what my political stance is, but I do know that he has a good chance of being the President, and I saw him! Isn't that something?


*'almost' as in September.


Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

The long winter is at last at an end, spring is here and it's time for... ug... spring cleaning. Well, besides that unhappy aspect, today is a day of great joy!

Spring weather is wonderful for picnics and all sorts of outside activities... I'm so happy that this wonderful season finally here(!)... and don't forget, Easter is fast approaching! We're not exactly sure what we're going to do for Easter Sunday, but here are some things we were thinking of:
  1. Painting our faces to look like bunnies.
  2. Having a plastic Easter Egg hunt
  3. Maybe some cup-cakes
  4. Singing Easter songs
  5. And... huh... Well, that's about all we have for our Vegan Easter.

What do you think? I'm so excited!

Oh, and on a different topic, Rosy just found a four leaf clover! Can you believe that?!?! It's so typical of her.

Happy Spring!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ABC Blog Tag

I have been tagged by Qacei Moonshadow.

A - Available?: for friends and family... when I'm not busy.
B-Best friend: My dear, dear, sister.
C-Cake or Pie?: Cake! No contest!
D-Drink of choice: Hot chocolate or mom's wonderful smoothies.
E-Essential thing used everyday: Ooh... that's hard. I'd say my mouth--I couldn't live without talking! (eating's a secondary thing)
F-Favorite color: Sky blue on a clear, sunny day.
G-Gummi bears or worms: Don't really care for either. I'm a jelly-belly person.
H-Hometown: ??? (confidential information)
I-Indulgence: Sweet things...
J-January or February: February, 'cause Daddy's B-day is in that month. But January is the first year of the month month of the year... I don't really know. I think I'll simply agree with Qacei on this one.
K-Kids and names: If I was old enough to have any, I think they would be: Emily Madeline, Ronia Carroll, and ??? (my dad's name) William.
L-Life: Family.
M-Marriage date: I don't know. Sometime in summer hopefully.
N-Number of siblings: Two fabulous brothers, one gorgeous sister, and maybe one more...
O-Oranges or apples: Again, no contest! Apples all the way!
P-Phobias: Slight claustrophobia, nothing big.
Q-Quote: "Some books are to be tasted, some swallowed, and a very special few are to be chewed and digested,"--Sir Frances Bacon
R-Reason to smile: My boys (a.k.a. my brothers) laughing, one of my funny sister's funny comments, my dad's weird jokes, mommy and her funny-ness, my wonderful friends, absolutely no reason... the list goes on and on. Smiling is a very important part of life.
S-Season: Summer. Spring is a close second. I also like fall. And I really like winter. I love 'em all! But I guess I like summer the best just because I can swim!
T-Tag three people: Rose, Froggy and Mom.
U-Unknown fact about me: Uhh... I love spinach?
V-Vegetable you don't like: Er... I don't know. Cucumbers I guess.
W-Worst Habit: Re-creating funny things seconds after they happen. Like, if Dear Sister said something, then mom made a funny retort, I would repeat both of them while laughing. I'm sure it's quite annoying, but I just keep doing it.
X-X-rays you have had: Teeth and lungs... I think. I guess I might have had more... I'm not really sure.
Y-Your favorite food: Sweet things! I'm an addict.
Z-Zodiac: Virgo.

Thanks for tagging me Qacei! I had a blast!

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Experiment--Entry #3, Phase #1

It's done. I've finished the book. It's called The Light of the Cordelan Manor, and I think it's really cool. I'm so happy!
I finished the last drawing last night before I went to sleep, and though as I said in my first entry, I'm no artist, I'm rather proud of my drawings!
We're all going to read The Light of the Cordelan Manor together once we're all back home. I'm so excited!!!


Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Experiment--Entry #2, Phase #1

(for details on 'The Experiment', see post 'The Experiment, Entry #1, Phase #1')

I completely re-wrote what I had down in my story... I had a drastic plot change. Now I think I've finished it, though I've no idea what I'm going to name it yet.
I have drawn two illustrations so far, I just need to finish arranging them. I also need to draw at least one more, but I probably won't get it done until tomorrow. I'm really excited about my mini-story! Maybe I'll post it once I'm done...


Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Fill-ins #3

It's time for Friday Fill-ins!

  1. Contact may cause shocks, germ, pleasure... many things.
  2. The parties hereto do mutually agree that it's great being vegan!
  3. Disney parks = a lot of fun!
  4. That cake mommy made a couple of days ago, a home-made smoothie or some lemon-tea nut bread sounds really good right about now!
  5. I positively adore my family!
  6. Brother1 laughing always makes me smile :-)
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hopefully watching a D.S.9 (a 'Star Trek' thing), hanging out, and reading, tomorrow my plans include going to ballet and learning my yearly ballet dance (I'm so excited! We're just starting tomorrow), and Sunday, I want to RELAX!

Yes, I know I want to relax every Sunday, but that's what Sunday is all about, isn't it?!

Hope you enjoy your weekend!


The Experiment--Entry #1, Phase #1

Now a post with that title makes you think creepy aliens came and abducted me and put ice-cream in my veins instead of blood and put my brain where my heart should be (ewwww!). Nope, sorry to disappoint you, but I wasn't abducted by aliens. The 'Experiment' isn't really that big of an experiment at all.

I thought I would catalogue the 'Experiment' on this blog so I could see how it came along years from now, and so others can tell about this whole thing. Okay, now I bet you're just dieing to know what this weird experiment thingy is... I would be.

I will now liberate you from your pain:

A couple of days ago mommy (who is quite familiar with my love for writing, and yes, sadly I still have writers block with K.o.D.) suggested that I write a story, print it out and illustrate it in one months time free-form, with no scheduling; and then, after the month has passed, schedule a story, plan when I'm going to write it, when the story part of it is will be done, when to start illustrating it, and the whole kit and caboodle; then, in the end, we would compare stories and see the difference.

Not quite abducted by aliens, huh?

Anyway, I've started my story and I'm quite excited about it. I think it'll be cool. Now that I'm done giving you the intro of the 'Experiment', I'll actually make my entry:

I started writing the story three days ago and it's coming along great. I think I know what's going to happen with it, and I'm really excited. I think it's going to be cool.
I'm very proud of the speed at which I am writing, almost a page a day (meaning I've just started page four). I hope to finish page four before the end of the day, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to.
One thing I'm not looking forward to is illustrating it... I'm really no artist. Oh well... maybe somehow a miracle will occure and I'll have drawing power of Davinci(sp?).

Well, that's all I have to say of note! Thanks!


Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Bond

Dear Sister and I tied two of our legs and two of our hands together. Then we were One.
We started at 1:50. Then we untied at 3:00. Then we tied again at 3:10, and we stopped for the final time at 4:10. It was really fun. Me and Rose even made a shoe we could wear. Here is a picture of me and Dear Sis while we were Bonded:

Oh, and here is a close-up of the shoe-box shoe we made for our tied together foot:

It really was a lot of fun being One with my Sis. Maybe we'll do something liked this again... I'll make sure to post, if we do!


Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Fillins #2

Time for my second go at Friday Fillins!

  1. Ahhhh, it's so nice to play sims early in the morning--especially when you're the only one awake.
  2. One of my favorite things on my desk or bureau is the computer.
  3. Japanese Cherry Blossom WHAT? I don't get this...
  4. The big armchair in the living room and my bed are my favorite places to sit and read.
  5. Chocolate Chip cookies and soymilk is delicious!
  6. I love to watch an interesting story-line and good acting in movies.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching a D.S.9 (a Star Trek thing), tomorrow my plans include ballet, maybe some yardwork, and hopefully a D.S.9, and Sunday, I want to relax!

Find the Friday Fillins here.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Perfect Pointe Shoes (for me, anyway)

Today's ballet class was WONDERFUL! Can I tell you why? Well, I was simply going about class, and then, it was time for pointe! (that's when you go up on your tippy toes, it's not good to do that if you don't have special shoes and YEARS of training--I have both) Recently, I* had just bought some new pointe shoes because the ones I had were worn through (basically, that means they don't work any more). The ones I got were a different brand--Freed Of London (mostly known as Freed)--from what I'm used to, so I hoped that they would work.

Then it was time to dance.

They were AWESOME! I could get on my toes, and even though I had AWFUL blisters (part of a healthy dancers foot) I could still stay up, and I had a BLAST! I highly recommend Freeds, to all of you dancers who are reading my blog. I'm so excited about my new shoes! They are sooo cool! And they look great!



* 'I' meaning my parents... He, he, he...

Wednesday Wishes #9

Okay... So it's Wednesday, and that means Wednesday Wishes!

  1. I wish that when Apple (my baby apple tree) grows up, she'll be big and strong and make WONDERFUL apples.
  2. I wish that I could think of something to write in Kings Of Darkness! (I have a serious case of writers block... it's one of the worst diseases in the world)
  3. I wish that I can cook bake something soon. (I don't like cooking, but I love baking)
  4. I wish that when I go to Gym Day today all my friends will be there and that it will be REALLY fun!
  5. I wish that today's ballet class will be wonderful!
  6. I wish that Paris was done reading The Lost Queen (sequel to The Faerie Path--you can read my review of it on my Book Blog, if you like) so I could read it!
  7. I wish that I could find books in the library more easily.
  8. I wish that all the books I read from here on will be great.
  9. I wish the me and my brothers will be as close as be and my sister. (which is really close)
  10. I wish to live a long, long, happy, happy, HAPPY life!

Well, those are my wishes! Have a good Wednesday!

Galaxy :)

Monday, March 3, 2008


... is a cool picture of Dear Sister that I edited... I thought you might like to see it:

Here's how I put it together:

Dear Sister put on:

  1. A shirt
  2. A flower patterned skirt
  3. And a black character skirt over the shirt

Then I asked her to pose and I took a picture in front of a light pink scarf. Then I edited it on Print Shop and viola! Elegant was finished!

So, what do you think?