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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ABC Blog Tag

I have been tagged by Qacei Moonshadow.

A - Available?: for friends and family... when I'm not busy.
B-Best friend: My dear, dear, sister.
C-Cake or Pie?: Cake! No contest!
D-Drink of choice: Hot chocolate or mom's wonderful smoothies.
E-Essential thing used everyday: Ooh... that's hard. I'd say my mouth--I couldn't live without talking! (eating's a secondary thing)
F-Favorite color: Sky blue on a clear, sunny day.
G-Gummi bears or worms: Don't really care for either. I'm a jelly-belly person.
H-Hometown: ??? (confidential information)
I-Indulgence: Sweet things...
J-January or February: February, 'cause Daddy's B-day is in that month. But January is the first year of the month month of the year... I don't really know. I think I'll simply agree with Qacei on this one.
K-Kids and names: If I was old enough to have any, I think they would be: Emily Madeline, Ronia Carroll, and ??? (my dad's name) William.
L-Life: Family.
M-Marriage date: I don't know. Sometime in summer hopefully.
N-Number of siblings: Two fabulous brothers, one gorgeous sister, and maybe one more...
O-Oranges or apples: Again, no contest! Apples all the way!
P-Phobias: Slight claustrophobia, nothing big.
Q-Quote: "Some books are to be tasted, some swallowed, and a very special few are to be chewed and digested,"--Sir Frances Bacon
R-Reason to smile: My boys (a.k.a. my brothers) laughing, one of my funny sister's funny comments, my dad's weird jokes, mommy and her funny-ness, my wonderful friends, absolutely no reason... the list goes on and on. Smiling is a very important part of life.
S-Season: Summer. Spring is a close second. I also like fall. And I really like winter. I love 'em all! But I guess I like summer the best just because I can swim!
T-Tag three people: Rose, Froggy and Mom.
U-Unknown fact about me: Uhh... I love spinach?
V-Vegetable you don't like: Er... I don't know. Cucumbers I guess.
W-Worst Habit: Re-creating funny things seconds after they happen. Like, if Dear Sister said something, then mom made a funny retort, I would repeat both of them while laughing. I'm sure it's quite annoying, but I just keep doing it.
X-X-rays you have had: Teeth and lungs... I think. I guess I might have had more... I'm not really sure.
Y-Your favorite food: Sweet things! I'm an addict.
Z-Zodiac: Virgo.

Thanks for tagging me Qacei! I had a blast!


persimmon said...

Your zodiac sign is Virgo.

The boar is your Chinese zodiac sign.

based on years...little bro is a boar, too. :) Me, too.

see ya!

Rose said...

What about Tess? I thought you really liked that name (K-Kids and names).

Galaxy said...

Oh! I forgot! Thanks for reminding me!

persimmon said...

Bonjour petites filles et petits grands garcons. A demain!

(Hi little girls and little big boys. Until tomorrow.)

So you girls learning any French lately? Oh, my trivia question of the day is here. Gotta go see if I can get it right and move to the next level.

persimmon said...

So I was right again... twice now. Usually, there is some esoteric question I haven't a clue for.

The last question I answered correctly was what did 3 doors down sing and then had to choose from 5 answers - Kryptonite.

Tonight it was which state is Auburn in? Well I knew that was Alabama...

So I hope they keep it up with the easy questions.

persimmon said...

If you want to know where this wonderful place is that asks these questions and has great quizzes - it's:

persimmon said...

One last thing:

Le printemps est ici. About time, too!

That's French for Spring is here...

I think tomorrow (March 21) is actually the first day of spring, but apparently that was in the other dimension in which I lived before falling into this one.

Galaxy said...

Congrats! Thanks for the url. I'll check it out sometime.