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Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter '08

Wondering what I did on Easter? Well, here's your answer in the form of this mile long post!

The first few hours we didn't really do anything, we had some Over-Night Oatmeal for breakfast (it's absolutely devine. 1 cup of porridge, 1 cup of soymilk or apple juice, half a teaspoon of cinnamon and a tablespoon of currents or raisins. It's wonderful with raisins, but it's best with currents), and we just hung out while we waited for Nana and Don to come.

When they did arrive, we played around for a while and Dear Sister and I started to stuff some Easter Eggs with some confetti and tokens. When we were done, we had a lot of eggs. Mean while, Mommy was making some split-pea soup for dinner, and Brother1, Nana, Don and Daddy were practicing finding/hiding Easter Eggs.

After Dear Sister and were done with the eggs, we made some bunny ears for each other and Brother1. After that, we did a silly little dance my sister and I had choreographed together called 'The Bunny Hop' while the soup was cooking. I tried to get a video on this post, but unfortunately I couldn't get it to work. Sometime I'll put a post up of just the video if I ever CAN get it on... Sorry!

Once that was done we all just hung out until dinner was ready, after which we had our Easter Egg Hunt. It was a lot of fun. Here are all the Easter Goodies I found:

A 'Peter' token
(made by Dear Sister)

A 'Cottontail' token
(made by Dear Sister)

A fuzzy pink ball

A little egg

A tiny little animal thingy

Another Egg

A Bunny Token

(made by Dear Sister)

And a little bunny popping out of an egg

After all this, I took pictures and we all just sat around and talked. By now it was getting a little late, and Nana and Don had to go. We said our long goodbyes and with sad hearts watched them leave.

After that we were bored so we decided to rent a movie. We picked out a few we wanted, and Daddy went to the movie-rental place. Here's a list of what we wanted to get:

  1. Enchanted. And if they didn't have that then we wanted...
  2. Nancy Drew. And if we couldn't have that then...
  3. Bee Movie. And if not that...
  4. The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising.

Anyway, while Daddy was gone I made some Brownies (yes, it is possible to have devine brownies without dairy) and Mommy made some praline. Daddy got home and while the brownies were cooking we watched the movie (which turned out to be Nancy Drew). In the middle of the show the brownies were done, and I took them out while Mommy made some whipped cream (again, it is possible to have wonderful whipped cream without dairy). Then we put the praline on the Brownies, and the whipped cream on top of the praline. Here's a picture of the brownies just to torment you (and me, every time I come to look at my blog):

So, we finished the brownies (sniff, sniff) and finished the movie and after that it was time for bed. We gave each other our hugs and kisses goodnight and went to bed to end this wonderful day.

I had an awesome Easter.... I hope you did too!



persimmon said...

Oh, man, that looks yumdiddlylicious. I was thinking of coming over Sat or Sun...maybe you'll make some?

Galaxy said...

We'll see what happens... but like Rose said, you probably wouldn't like them. They're made with carrob, and not chocolate... to us they're devine, I'm not sure if they would apeal to you.
Oh, and we'd love to see you on Saturday! I'll be looking forwards to it!