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Monday, March 17, 2008

The Experiment--Entry #3, Phase #1

It's done. I've finished the book. It's called The Light of the Cordelan Manor, and I think it's really cool. I'm so happy!
I finished the last drawing last night before I went to sleep, and though as I said in my first entry, I'm no artist, I'm rather proud of my drawings!
We're all going to read The Light of the Cordelan Manor together once we're all back home. I'm so excited!!!



persimmon said...

The price of gold is up to over 1,000. wow.

So what is the light of Caledon?

I learned a new term: Identity crash.

It's when you have so many names and passwords that you forget them. I know on one account if I get my username right, they let me use any old thing as a password. Well, I'm going to try to recall my password here.

Galaxy said...

Actually, it's called 'The Light of the Cordelan Manor', not 'Caledon', and that's the title of the book I'm writing.

Hope you can remember your passwords!



Galaxy said...

Oh gosh Persimmon! Sorry! That was my fault! I fixed it... Sorry!

Qacei Moonshadow said...

Tag! You're it! Check my blog for details.

Galaxy said...

I'll get right on it!