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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday Wishes #9

Okay... So it's Wednesday, and that means Wednesday Wishes!

  1. I wish that when Apple (my baby apple tree) grows up, she'll be big and strong and make WONDERFUL apples.
  2. I wish that I could think of something to write in Kings Of Darkness! (I have a serious case of writers block... it's one of the worst diseases in the world)
  3. I wish that I can cook bake something soon. (I don't like cooking, but I love baking)
  4. I wish that when I go to Gym Day today all my friends will be there and that it will be REALLY fun!
  5. I wish that today's ballet class will be wonderful!
  6. I wish that Paris was done reading The Lost Queen (sequel to The Faerie Path--you can read my review of it on my Book Blog, if you like) so I could read it!
  7. I wish that I could find books in the library more easily.
  8. I wish that all the books I read from here on will be great.
  9. I wish the me and my brothers will be as close as be and my sister. (which is really close)
  10. I wish to live a long, long, happy, happy, HAPPY life!

Well, those are my wishes! Have a good Wednesday!

Galaxy :)

1 comment:

Galaxy said...

Sadly, Gym Day was canceled. I guess I have to replace Wish #4 then. I shall replace that wish with--drum role please--:"I wish that we will be able to go to the next Gym Day!" (I haven't been to it for the past month!!!)

Sorry for the confusion!