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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Perfect Pointe Shoes (for me, anyway)

Today's ballet class was WONDERFUL! Can I tell you why? Well, I was simply going about class, and then, it was time for pointe! (that's when you go up on your tippy toes, it's not good to do that if you don't have special shoes and YEARS of training--I have both) Recently, I* had just bought some new pointe shoes because the ones I had were worn through (basically, that means they don't work any more). The ones I got were a different brand--Freed Of London (mostly known as Freed)--from what I'm used to, so I hoped that they would work.

Then it was time to dance.

They were AWESOME! I could get on my toes, and even though I had AWFUL blisters (part of a healthy dancers foot) I could still stay up, and I had a BLAST! I highly recommend Freeds, to all of you dancers who are reading my blog. I'm so excited about my new shoes! They are sooo cool! And they look great!



* 'I' meaning my parents... He, he, he...

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