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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Birthday, 09

I wanted to post this in September, but now I'm realizing that I'm running out of time, so here's the gist of it RIGHT NOW:

  1. Over View: This year I decided not to have a party or anything; just hang out with my family and the like. We tidied up the house a bit the day before, and Nana came over for a while to visit. It was fun.
  2. Cake: For cake I had sweetpotato pudding (made with sweetpotatoes, pineapple, orange juice and walnuts blended together) on a yummy nut crust (more of a 'pie', I suppose) with candles that spelled 'Happy Birthday!' and one musical one that played the tune. It was wonderful! For other yummy things I also had my heart's content of watermelon, along with a chocolate (or was it carob...?) pudding that was more than divine. All in all, the food was wonderful.
  3. Movies: I spent quite a bit of time trying to pick out the movies I wanted to watch, but eventually I chose A Knight's Tale. Mom and Dad had previously watched it, and I enjoyed it very much. It was really, really sweet at this one point... but he so should have ended up with the blacksmith! That other girl was LAME!
  4. Board Game: Nana took the boys outside and the rest of the fam and I played a Sherlock Holmes board game. It was loads of fun, and, for once, Mommy didn't win (she always gets those games of deduction); Daddy did. I'm pretty sure she had the answer; he just beat her back to the 'start' space.
  5. Presents: Originally I wasn't going to have presents this year, but it ended up a little differently. A couple days before my birthday my parents gave me an old computer they had put together themselves a long time ago, the day directly before they gave me the AWESOMEST keyboard ever as well as a nice mouse, and ON my birthday I got a notebook, a USB port, special headphones for my MP3 player, and Dear Sister gave me a bookmark that she had made herself--a pretty blue gem on a blue string with nice beads.
  6. SUNFLOWERS: As I may or may not have mentioned, Sunflowers are my favorite flowers ever. It's nearly impossible to be upset when Sunflowers are in the room, and they make me so, so happy! I'll post more about them later, but you get the gist. Anyhow, when I was at Costco I saw this great big beautiful bouquet, and Dear Sister bought it for me on the spot so I could have it for my day! It made me so happy, but they died a little more quickly than I would have hoped... oh well, they were more than wonderful while they lasted.

All in all I had an absolutely wonderful birthday, hanging out with family and watching TV and just plain goofing around. This all took place September 7th, 2009, when I turned exactly 14 years old.

Happy birthday, Galaxy!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

K.o.D.: tRN

K.o.D.: t.R.N.

Can anyone guess what this stands for...? Anyone...?

You guessed it! Kings of Darkness: The Reining Night; a book I' writing about a girl named May Petersen who appears in the magical land of Glorsifil. I've said so many times that 'it's almost done', or that 'it WILL be finished this month', or 'it WILL be finished this year' or SOMETHING along those lines, but now at last I'm going to tell the truth:

It will be finished before Christmas for sure, and if we're lucky sometime in October! I'm just waiting for a friend of mine--one of the people I play D&D with--to finish going over it (so if you're reading this, just me, PLEASE HURRY!) and draw a map of Glorsifil (the mythical country I made up for my book to take place in). Then all I have to do is listen to his constructive criticism and fix what I feel like, then read it with my parents, and finally GET IT PUBLISHED! HOORAY!

There's this site called CreateSpace that will allow me to self-publish it for very little money, and I've been researching it for a long time and it seems awesome. I'm really, really excited about getting my book 'out there', and if you care an inkling for the poor girl who has RA known as Galaxy you'll buy a copy! (Please...?)

Time to get started on K.o.D.: a.G.o.L.*!

Galaxy ;-)

*Kings of Darkness: A Glimmer of Light, the second book in my Kings of Darkness cycle.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Good thing you didn't get your hopes up

I've waited a while to post it, but sadly, I'm not better. It hurts worse sometimes, better others, but right now I'm not doing so good, and I know that until we try something else I'm going to stay this way. I wish I could bring good news, but it seems like I can't. I still refuse to write it out, so I'm just going to say...

...I still have RA.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I guess I'm a day or so late, but oh well!

I love fall! All the pretty leaves and those wonderful apples (the leaves especially)... I love the cool crisp air, I love the icy nights and I love Halloween and Thanksgiving! I don't look forwards to the season, but when it's here I can't help but smile. Summer has been, and I'm pretty sure always will be, my favorite season since you can swim but I love each and everyone.

So yay for fall!

Another happy thing is that my grandparents (father's side) are visiting soon, so I'm very, very excited! I'm flooded with all this online schoolwork, and I want to get the bulk of it done before they come, so cross your fingers for me!

Anyhow, here's my post for the next while. I'll try to write soon!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sick and Tired

Well, I'm getting over my cold, but it's left me very, very weak and tired. It's funny, isn't it, how often people say 'I'm sick and tired'? Well, now I can say it quite literally.

Anyhow, I started an online school and it's actually kind of fun. I have fun writing the essays and reports, but there sure are a lot of them. The cool thing about this program is that after a year of doing it I can go to college for two years FREE (books included!). That really excites me, as I'd like to get the whole business over and done with ASAP. It's also nice because I can stay home and spend time with my family, if I have questions I can get them answered, and it's more of a one-on-one thing than school is, so I can get more out of it. I've never been to school, and I never want to, but this is kind of fun...I just have to finish this unit for all my courses (psychology, English 1, Algebra 1--my favorite!--, world history, and Latin--which I haven't gotten yet) by the end of September. I'm hoping I can do it!

I guess that's the scoop for now... I'm trying to post more often for unknown reasons, so all those people who enjoy reading my blog (being who...?) MAY be getting a treat.

Thanks for reading!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Don't get your hopes up

Dear Reader,

If you read my blog regularly then you will know I have RA (look on the sidebar for the full name. I don't feel like spelling it; I never want to read or write those words again), a disease that makes my joints swell and has taken away almost everything I love (e.g. ballet and acting).

I've had this for over a year now (happy anniversary, eh?) and... well, I've forgotten what it feels like to feel no pain.

It feels great.

My knees! They aren't swollen underneath the kneecaps anymore! They aren't! My thumb joint is smaller than my father's, smaller even than my mother's! And the 'balls' of my hands, right by the pointer finger, are almost normal!

My ankles still hurt... I suppose I currently have an 'Achille's Heel'... but the main point is: I think I'm getting better... I hope, I pray, I beg and plead that I am becoming well.

What is making me feel better? Well, I haven't had any type of fruit for a week and a half and I haven't had sugar in much, much longer. I've been trying to eat as healthy as possible so I can get well and I think.... I hope it's making me better.

Right now, just so you all know, I have the beginnings of a cold. My brothers, Mother, and Sister have had/are having it, so I should have known it was only a matter of time, but I was really hoping I wouldn't get it. Aw well. Anyhow, I'm hoping it won't be too bad.

But back to the subject at hand... I feel better. My knees feel better. Maybe... just maybe my life will be back to normal in the summer, and this is a tale I can tell my grandchildren.

But right now, everyone reading this, please wish me well, and hope with me.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Brother 1!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Brother1...
Happy birthday...
To you!

It's Brother1's birthday! He's so happy! I wrote a book called Tish the Fish Who Wanted a Wish and Dear Sister illustrated it, and we're both giving it to him today. I can't wait to see if he likes it!

Maybe I'll post more later, but now I have to get back to my brother.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm OLD!--a Birthday Post

On September 7th, 2009 I am turning 14 years old. Including today, that's four days from now. Four Days.

Honestly, I can't believe it! I'd always thought 14 was so old... But now... I'm 14 (almost). It's odd; things seem so old until you turn them. Until you're actually getting old, of course. It's kind of silly, really.

There was this one thing I read somewhere, I'm not exactly sure where, but it was a definition of make-up, which I don't wear, but I thought it was silly:

Something worn by young girls to look older and by old girls to look younger.

This is the sort of thing my mind does. Wander. I make all these connections. Like I just went from my birthday to make-up in the same post... how did that happen? Normally I go farther.

What am I doing that special day? Well, I guess I'm not really doing anything besides whatever I want. I'm going to hang out, watch movies (I'm going to need to pick some out soon, now that I think about it...), go somewhere if I feel like it, play board games (if the boys--2 and 5--will allow), play sims, type stories... that sort of thing. I don't think I'm going to throw a party this time; maybe next.

Oh my! Next year I'm going to be 15!!!!!!!

Galaxy ;-)