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Sunday, September 27, 2009

K.o.D.: tRN

K.o.D.: t.R.N.

Can anyone guess what this stands for...? Anyone...?

You guessed it! Kings of Darkness: The Reining Night; a book I' writing about a girl named May Petersen who appears in the magical land of Glorsifil. I've said so many times that 'it's almost done', or that 'it WILL be finished this month', or 'it WILL be finished this year' or SOMETHING along those lines, but now at last I'm going to tell the truth:

It will be finished before Christmas for sure, and if we're lucky sometime in October! I'm just waiting for a friend of mine--one of the people I play D&D with--to finish going over it (so if you're reading this, just me, PLEASE HURRY!) and draw a map of Glorsifil (the mythical country I made up for my book to take place in). Then all I have to do is listen to his constructive criticism and fix what I feel like, then read it with my parents, and finally GET IT PUBLISHED! HOORAY!

There's this site called CreateSpace that will allow me to self-publish it for very little money, and I've been researching it for a long time and it seems awesome. I'm really, really excited about getting my book 'out there', and if you care an inkling for the poor girl who has RA known as Galaxy you'll buy a copy! (Please...?)

Time to get started on K.o.D.: a.G.o.L.*!

Galaxy ;-)

*Kings of Darkness: A Glimmer of Light, the second book in my Kings of Darkness cycle.


Jessica Secret said...

Oh, wow that's awesome! I'll totally buy (and review) a copy when it comes out! :)

Froggy said...

Congratulations, Galaxy!

Galaxy said...

Gee, thanks, Jessica! I really appreciate it :-D

Thanks, Froggy!