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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Crazy Dreams

Dreams are really weird. Really really weird. Last night, i dreamed i was kidnapped by some witches, three of them. Their names were: Holly, Sibyl and i don't know the others. Any way, they looked a lot like the witches from that movie 'Star Dust' if you saw it. The way i finally escaped was by finding out one thing about them: They all had the same name. After i said that, they just shrieked and my dream was pretty much over. One really weird thing about it is that it had subtitles, this is the first time i ever had subtitles in a dream. I was wearing this really really ugly plaid dress, well, the witches made me wear it. I figured out they had the same name (i guess that was their magical weakness or something) because of a flashback i saw for some strange reason: It showed their mother appear--i think she was a witch too--she made the witches who had me kidnapped appear out of nowhere, (that was how they were 'born' i guess), only they were full grown. They were beautiful then, not ugly and old like they were in most of my dream. Each one stepped forward and the mother witch said:
"You are ??? (i can't remember what name she said)"
"No! I want Holly!" the first one said.
"Alright," the mother witch went to the next one, "You are ??? (the same name she said last time)"
"No! I want a Sibyl!" (whatever a Sibyl is)
"Alright," she went to the last one. "You are ???" the same name again.
"No! I want ???" i can't remember what name that one said.
Any way, they weren't talking about names, the meant Christmas presents! (i don't know why) So they were actually all named the same thing. That was the magical weakness. I figured it out somehow and got away.
So i hope you've enjoyed my freaky dream... I don't know how all this got in my head. Just thought i'd share it. Have you had any weird dreams?



gestalt said...

Ah, I see I've cursed you with "for some strange reason", for some strange reason

Galaxy said...

Yeah, it's all your falt for some strange reason!

persimmon said...

Okay, it's entirely possible, for some strange reason, that I may be the origin or the 'some strange reason.' In fact, I think I'll trade mark that saying right now. "Why?"

For some strange reason!!!!