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Monday, November 5, 2007

Kings of Darkness/Thanks Giving


I'm a quarter of the way through Kings Of Darkness! Page #50! (I plan to make it 200 pages) I'm so excited!!! I love my story! I can't wait 'til it's done!!! I've got to go to ballet soon, so I can't post much. Trevor is as cute as always and I can't wait until Thanks Giving! We're going to make tofurky!

We might invite two of Dear Sister's and my friends and their parents to our house for Thanks Giving, as far as we know, they don't have any family around and we owe them, they had us over for movies a while ago! It would be SOOO fun! We'd love to show them a vegan Thanks Giving!!! I hope they can... I better get going... Thanks for reading!



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persimmon said...

Thanksgiving - We used to have 14 wild turkeys who came to our house to visit...that was last year. This year there were only four...that was last month. Now we don't see any wild turkeys. I wonder where they went?!!!