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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Operation Get Galaxy Up and more

This morning I wouldn't get up, so Dear Sister and Brother2 came in on 'operation get Galaxy up' and then they came in! They took my blanket, they took my pillow, they took my gigantic extra soft doggy, and then they tickled me; I got up. (sigh) I love them so much... I'm so lucky to have THREE siblings... Big family=big fun.

Brother2 is doing pretty bad. Mommy didn't get any sleep last night. It's not fair that a baby could get Chicken Pox... it just isn't! Hopefully I'll be able to go to ballet tomorrow, if I get past the contagious point by then. If not I will definitely go Wednesday.

I made breakfast today with Dear Sister's help. She made the Oat Meal and I made the Biscuits (she helped a little with the biscuits too), she set the table and I cleaned up the mess. The food looked so nice on our new plates (see post below)!

The one and only,



persimmon said...

Sorry to hear your brother and mom had such a rough night. Hopefully everyone is fine today.

Are your spots gone? You're going to ballet Wednesday? Whoa that's fast.

Good for you and your sis for helping your mom.

Galaxy said...

No, sadly, they are still there, but most of them have scabbed over; when all of them have scabbed then I'm past the contagious point and can go to ballet. Unfortunately, Wednesday there isn't any ballet becuase of Thanks Giving... There won't be any other classes until next Monday, I missed my only chance to go to ballet this week today becuase I'm still contagious. I am doing worlds better and Brother2 is getting better slowly, so slowly... but at least he's getting better. Dear Sister is doing about as well as I am, which is strange since she got it a day earlier.



persimmon said...

I'm so sorry you missed your class and will miss any opportunity to dance this week. Aw, poor Paris. You two aren't scratching are you? Don't! Although don't they have the Mederma stuff you can spread on yourself if you scratch and it gets rid of scars? Yes.

Oh well, you got chicken pox and now you don't ever have to worry about getting it again...the vaccine won't protect lots of folks who think it does. I'm preaching to the choir telling you!