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Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Corelle Dishes

We have a new pasta bowl, a luncheon plate (I didn't take a picture of that plate because it looks just like the dinner plate only a little bit smaller), a dinner plate, a mini desert bowl, and a large bowl (I didn't take a picture of the large bowl because it looks just like the desert bowl only bigger). They all look SO gorgeous.

Desert Bowl:
(the large bowl looks just like this only large)
Dinner Plate:
( luncheon plate just like this only smaller,
note the ruffled edge)

Pasta Bowl:
(it's harder to see, but it has ruffled edges too)
We LOVE our new matching dishes! You don't know what it's like having beautiful dishes that match after having lame dishes for years!!! We all worked REALLY hard and picked these ones out. We are so happy!
What do you think?


persimmon said...

Nice photography...I like the fluted edges on the plates - that's a nice touch.

Really nice, too, is white goes with EVERYTHING, so you can add color with brightly colored napkins, tablecloths, and serving bowls - plus the food will really be noticeable, unless it's mashed potatoes! or white rice!

persimmon said...

I'm thinking new silverware might be nice to go with new dishes.

Galaxy said...
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Galaxy said...

Thanks about the photography! We like our silver ware, but thanks for the sugestion. Funny thing is, one of our first meals eat was mashed patotos! It did blend it.

Love You!

persimmon said...

Oh, you like your silverware...scratches head and wonders what else to get.

Galaxy said...

That's you Persimmon! Love you SO much.