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Sunday, February 17, 2008


Wow... what a wonderful day! Sunday is my absolute favorite day of the week for many reasons:

  1. Daddy stays home!
  2. We usually have a really wonderful breakfast! (today I made some Blueberry Muffins and Eggless Omlettes)
  3. We don't have to go anywhere unless we want to!
  4. We normally play games and just hang out with each other!
  5. It's just a grand day that we use for family time!

That's why I love Sunday... the most fabulous day of the week. Yes... there is nothing better than a nice Sunday day.

On a different note, in this fabulous gift Grandma Janie gave me (The Daring Book For Girls... one time Daddy saw it and asked, "What should I do with The Darling Book For Girls?" It was sooo funny! Whenever we see that book we tease him about it) it had some stuff on Yoga--the Sun Salutation to be exact. I learned it yesturday, and it's not that bad... except that Dear Sister was teasing me about it and just refused to even try it! It was the first thing I did this morning after I got up, and it was actually kind of relaxing.

Well, that's all the main happenings of Sunday so far... happy Sunday to you!



persimmon said...


la-ti da ti di.

Galaxy said...

Hi to you!