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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Funny Story

Okay, so yesterday I was at the Co-Op with daddy, nothing unusual about that. Anyway, while Dad was buying the food I was looking at some plants. They had bunches of really cute really tiny plants! Then I saw some adorable Cacti! They were so tiny! They had about three different verities there at that moment. I bent over and touched one that's poky-thing's were like a porcupine. Then I touched one that had slightly denser not as strong pokies, they didn't really hurt. THEN my eyes fell on the third, it had quills that were slightly thicker than a strand of hair and were very tiny, it looked rather fuzzy. I leaned over and touched it... Why couldn’t I keep my hands to myself? The darn thing had hooks! My finger was stuck!!! And it hurt like none of the others... The little quill was stuck to me! I tried to move my finger away but it wouldn't come out!
"Daddy!" I called in anguish. "I'm stuck!"
Later dad told me he thought I'd put my finger in a Venus fly-trap.
Anyway, daddy did come and cut that god-forsaken-hooky-quill so I could move my finger. After that, I twisted the quill out of my finger. It still hurt five minutes later.

Important Life Lesson Learned From This:

Don't touch Cacti, they hurt.


froggy said...

Poor, poor, poor, poor, poor you! That must have really hurt! Ouch!

Galaxy said...

Thank you for the simpathy:)

froggy said...

You're welcome. Does it still hurt?

KNJ said...

Oh My! That was some adventure for sure. Of course your daddy would rescue his damsel in distress. After all he is my boy!

Galaxy said...

He sure did save me! It's so good to hear from you, Grandma Janie! Give my love to Grandpa.

Galaxy said...

No Froggy, it feels much better now! Thanks:)