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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wednesday Wishes #7

    Now it's time for the latest edtion in Wednesday Wishes!!!

  1. I wish that I could win a million dollars!

  2. I wish I could sing very beautifully.

  3. I wish that I will become one of the most beautiful ballerinas in the entire world!!!

  4. I wish there were more days in a week--as long as Daddy could have more days off too.

  5. I wish I had a cool movie I could watch with my family.

  6. I wish I had remembered to get The Farthest Away Mountain and The Dragons Laire (or whatever it's called) on a CD so me and Dear Sister could listen to them.

  7. I wish that I will get inspiration on Kings Of Darkness!

  8. I wish that Sirena (see my Book Blog at the post Sirena) had a happy ending, then I would really love the book.

  9. I wish that Daddy will have a very happy birthday! (his birthday is coming up soon! Febuary 18th!)

  10. I wish for all the world to be wonderfully happy!


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