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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


BEWARE! Random italicized German words will follow in this post.

So, I was takin' college testing, and I was panicking because I somehow forgot how to divide.

WAM! Mom appears in the doorframe. She holds up a slip of paper:

DON'T PANIC, the paper says, in large friendly letters. Just like the Hitchhiker's Guide. It continues as she unfolds the parchment: It's all good. I love and adore you.

And suddenly this warm glow overcame me and I finished with college level reading and writing, followed by high school level math. Viola! Not that that has anything to do with what's going on right now, but I just wanted to proclaim how wunderbar my world really is.

Don't panic, world! It's all good! People love and adore me. I am so happy.

Now, I'm sick to my stomach thanks to too much of Momma's homemade pie, and I just saw videos of dear Mutter pre-meeting-Vater, and I just danced to some of my favorite songs (BREAKING BENJAMIN :D), and I just hung out with my dear Aunt Mars and Grandma and her BF, and I just partied like it was 2011 BABY, so I just wanted to say just how cool and sweaty and happy I am. No alcohol involved, I swear. (Dear Sis and I have a pact. But that's another post).

So. Life's cool. Life's great.

You rock :3


Froggy said...

Happy birthday to her! :) It's so great to see new posts from you!

Aunt Mars said...

I miss the tasty pie, old videos of mutter and vater (how do I say brother in german?), but most of all, hanging out with my wonderful Galaxy! Love you, Aunt Mars

Galaxy said...

You wrote German!!!! 'D'

'Brother' would be 'Bruder' auf Deutsch (in German). 'Brothers' would be the same, but with a couple dots over the U. Since we don't have those on our keyboards, I usually spell it 'Brueder'. It's so cool of you to comment, Aunt Mars, I miss you a whole bunch! Thanks again for all those wunderbar cherries -- I had a lot of fun going out with you :3

lots of love,

Galaxy <3