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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some Silly Cartoons

Brother1 asked me to draw some cartoon-like things because we had been playing this game called 'Pajama Sam' and it had things like that, so I complied. I felt like posting the drawings--for no reason in particular--so here they are!
This is Mr. Brock Lai. He's a broccoli, for those of you who don't know.

This is Collette Ussri. She's a bunch of lettuce. This is Cookie Brigton. She's a Chocolate Chip Cookie.This is Ms. Chiquita Bana. She's a Banana.

The next bit is done sort of like a comic strip... Brother1 helped me with it, and it's sort of lame, but it was fun to do and I'd like to look back on it years in the future:

This is the un-named Pencil Wizard. If you have any suggestions (for his name), PLEASE comment them!

This is Mr. Cliff. He's a hanger (like a 'cliff hanger'...? Get it...?).

Brother1 drew this one. He's Mr. Pizza, and he's a pizza.

Well, there you go! Just some silly things Brother1 and I doodled at the beginning of spring... speaking of spring, I'm so happy that it's finally here! After Spring comes Summer! I love Summer!

Happy Spring and happy Doodling!



Froggy said...

You could use "Penny" as a first name if it's a girl. (For the pencil) Penny Cil? I don't know...cute cartoons!

Galaxy said...

Actually, the Pencil Wizard is a boy, but that's a good idea for a girl!

I'm glad you like them! Which is your favorite?

Froggy said...

I think either the Ms. Chiquita Bana or Collette Ussri.

Galaxy said...

Ms. Chiquita Bana is Daddy's favorite, I think. I like the Unamed Pencil Wizard.