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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A very sad story

Mommy took me to a resale store recently to see if they'd take any of our toys/clothes. We also looked around a bit.
It took me about thirty seconds to find this beautiful pink dress. It looked like something someone would wear in the 'Vanessa in the Garden' age (for those of you who watched Amazing Stories. If you didn't, the time was about 1800's). It was light pink and lacy, and it seemed like a fairy princess' gown.

Of course I tried it on.

It was so, so, so lovely... but the zipper, that darn zipper, just wouldn't zip! I've never considered myself skinny (Rosi is the tiny one in my family), but I've always been slim and it was rather surprising when I couldn't get that stupid zipper up my ribs! I still looked at myself in the mirror, though, and then I realized it was even more beautiful than I thought... the sleeves, instead of staying on my shoulders, draped down to my elbows... I looked so beautiful! I sucked, I pulled, I held my breath, I called Mommy in to pull at it... but it just wouldn't fit.

I almost cried!

Galaxy ;-)


Valis said...

That was a beautiful dress... sorry it was one of those rare times without my camera. It's been such a rough year, I know, but you are beautiful as ever, inside and out, no special dress needed. I'm glad you can seek out the joy in everything and rise above all the hurt in life... you are so strong, and I am honored and blessed to know you.

Galaxy said...

Thank you, Mommy. You're comment means the world to me.

persimmon said...

don't give up. you'll find your fairy princess gown. I always figure if something doesn't fit, something better will come along. there's a dress waiting for you.

Galaxy said...

I hope so.