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Friday, November 26, 2010

More of my drawings because I like to share them so HA

Only one of the characters shown here is actually mine, being the gal. Not the guy that looks like a gal, the actual gal being slung over his shoulder. It's Phoenix Shifter, if you remember her from before. The rest belong to some good friends of mine, so I want to make that very clear.

But I drew these! Yaaay! I'm so proud. And wings are fuuuuuuuun. I love sketching wings.

These are my sad attempt at bat wings. Geier doesn't normally have them; he's just showing off.
These are his babies, his wicked cool swords. Luft (air), Erde (earth), Wasser (water), and Feuer (fire) - one for each element. Later he'll get spirit, but five swords are harder to fit in nicely than four.
This guy's uncle made him wings to prove he could to some other disbelievers. They actually work, but all Lewis wants is to get rid of them.

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