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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008, and 2009

2009... not quite there yet, but there aren't many minutes until then. Wow.

When '08 started, it felt like forever. Now it's practically gone, and '09 will seem like forever. It'll be a small slug, and then slowly pick up pace as the year goes on.

2008... the year I became a teen (YES!), the year Brother1 turned four (WHEN will I get used to that?! I still think he's 2 sometimes!), the year my beautiful sister had a spy party, the year I had my first Blogger Anniversary, the year my daddy got a new job, the year Brother2 turned one... the year I reached page 100 on K.o.D.... This wonderful, wonderful year.


Anyways, I have a couple resolutions...
  1. Publish K.o.D. by Christmas (yes, I will do it this... er, next year)
  2. Learn 50 new words
  3. Be able to carry some sort of a conversation in Latin.
  4. My joint pains will be GONE
  5. Learn to play a five line piece on the piano--two handed!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 2008--and will have a better '09!!!



Froggy said...

Thanks! You too.

persimmon said...

A word I like is perspicacious. It means brilliantly insightful.

A word I learned from your grandfather, tatterdemalion...I think it means disheveled. Nope, looked it up, it means "in deplorable condition."

A word my dad once misspelled in a spelling bee and it stuck with him: eleemosynary - it means charitable.

loquacious and circumlocution...the former means talkative and I leave it to you - if you're interested - to find the meaning of the latter word.
I like words too...and I collect them. :)