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Sunday, December 14, 2008


The first sticking snow of the year... oh, wow...

Daddy just came home from the store and told us it was snowing. I look out the back door and sure enough--SNOW!

I throw on the nearest shoes (which turned out to be Daddy's) and just ran--or, as close to running as I can do with these awful joint pains--out there for a few seconds... or more.

It was falling like crazy all over my glasses... falling from a deep blue-black sky, blessing the earth with it's gentle kiss... Now I'm cold to the very center of me from my little 'run around in the snow' without ANY snow gear at all (just shoes ten sizes too big and my shirt and pants) time, but it was so beautiful, and so worth it.

I love snow.



Froggy said...

It is just gorgeous, isn't it? And so wonderful! It snowed here this morning, too...did it not snow there earlier today?

Jessica Secret said...

Yeah, it's awesome that you linked to me! Thanks!

persimmon said...

I had to DRIVE in the snow and ice...that was horrifying at first. What if I skidded off the road INTO A RIVER...oh sure, the river is five miles away, but it could happen...So night after night after night I drove, and now....I like it...Pics?