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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Curly! and Cut!

First, this post is a (alert! Alert!) !girly post! so, all you boys who read my blog BEWARE! Also, this post will be in deep contrast to my last one because today I'm chipper and high.

I have always been very, very proud of my near three-foot long hair; I say it's auburn, but it really doesn't have much red in it, so I suppose I am a brunette. Anyhow, my pride for my super-long hair probably comes from when I was a little girl, and I desperately wanted curly, long, blond hair, just like those fairy princesses. It made me so sad to see my straight, dull, short hair every time I looked in the mirror. One day, though, someone said (after I told her about how much I wanted something else) that she thought my hair was pretty. That set me thinking: this is my hair, it's part of who I am, it's how I started. So I can either hate it, or love it. I decided to love it, and take pride in it.

Of course, I never lost all of my fairy princess longings, which is why I grew my hair extra, extra long. It made me different from everyone else (not that homeschooling and being vegan doesn't, but most the people I hang out with are homeschoolers, and what you eat doesn't signify who you are quite like the way you choose to style your hair) and that made me happy. So, as I said in the second paragraph, I am very, very proud of my very long hair.

Why on Earth I decided to cut it, I'll never know... but I'm happy I did.
My hair is a 'normal' length now, and I suppose I don't like that about it, but it's cute, easier to manage and brush, and mom thinks it looks nicer... and I guess I sort of do too. I'll never dye my hair, or at least that's what I say now, but it is fun to curl it now and then, so, today and yesterday, because my hair isn't three feel long anymore, I was able to curl it, and both Mommy and Dad said it was cute! I mean, Mom saying that is awesome, but Dad... it's not like he never compliments me, but when it comes to 'girl stuff' (like hair, clothes, make-up--WHICH I DO NOT WEAR!!!) he's useless. It takes fifteen to twenty minutes for the results I like, but it's not so hard and I kind of like it. Sure, I'll wear it straight most of the time, but while I want to, I think I'll have it curly ;-)

Now for the part you've all been waiting for: The BOY RANT!

How is it I can cut near a foot off my hair, from lower than my waist to just at my chest level and they can't notice? These guys have seen me every week for years to film, play D&D and all sorts of things, yet they can't notice such a drastic change? Mom says she's died her hair from blond to red to bleach white and the guys she's known haven't noticed, and, I think I can see that happening. What is so different about their minds?

Then, I suppose I can't complain, because Daddy's cords and cables will always be a mystery to me. Aw well, I guess boys and girls are just different. And that, if you ask me, is a good thing.
The scary thing was when Brother1 came out of his room after getting dressed saying 'Does this shirt go with these pants?'; it did. And then there was that time he said black 'went with' some other color (can't remember which, sorry, but it did). I guess boys turn out a little... different with two older sisters.

Oh, and on the note of guys and girls: guys can read smaller print, but girls can hear better.

So, there you go! A post about hair, fairy princesses, accepting one's self and the battle of the sexes all in one. Just goes to show you how far my mind can wander.

Galaxy ;-)


Froggy said...

Your hair looks great!

Galaxy said...

Thank you!

Froggy said...

How did you get it to wave in and out like that? I'm assuming you used a curling iron, but I still can't figure it out...
If it's hard to explain, please don't bother!

Galaxy said...

You mean curl? Well, normally my hair DOESN'T curl at ALL, but there's this one really nice curling iron we bought at a fair or something that actually works with my hair (if it's short enough). I used that to curl it.

...or do you mean 'wave out' in the clip? I just took a clip that had a wide area inside it, and my hair fell to either side on it's own since the clip is loose... it's a little hard to explain. I hope this made sense!!!

Froggy said...

I meant in what way did you use the curling iron to make your hair wave/curl like if you held the curler horizontally or vertically, for example, or however it is that they get curls waving in different directions.
Oh well, I'm sure it's really hard to explain! But yes, all that you said DOES make sense. :) Thanks!

Galaxy said...

I did both. Mainly horizontally, I guess, but now and then I did vertically. I'd just grab a very tiny section of hair, wrap it up around the iron, hold it for a few seconds and let it drop down... though I suppose that bit's obvious. If you do it vertically it's more like a sausage curl (though I doubt my hair would ever truly do that), horizontally is more like a princess's from a story.

OH! I know what I did! Sometimes I'd wrap my hair around the top, and sometimes around the bottom... does that make sense? Sometimes I'd take a lock of hair and move it towards the top of my head, and other time towards my chin.

Froggy said...

Oh, you mean you wrapped it around in different directions? Anyways, I get the idea, I think. Thank you so much! It looks cool!

TheMom said...

Oh my goodness, I forgot how long your hair used to be... must be so much nicer taking showers now! That's so much hair!!