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Monday, January 4, 2010

Project 6-1-2 (and a happy new year while I'm at it)

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope your 2009 was filled with moments of joy and love. I know mine was (though I still wish this awful arthritis would quit picking on me ;-D). My resolution for this year is to publish A book. ANY of my books, and not necessarily King of Darkness, as it looks like I'm going to do some major changes on how I'm going to go about writing it, and it won't be done for a long time. There are some shorter stories (that aren't series!) I'm working on, though, so I plan to publish one of them before I turn fifteen.

Okay, now that that's over with, I can move on to what I really want to post about: PROJECT 6-1-2!!!

If you know me well, you know I love to write (as much as I hate it. But that's the way writing goes--it's a love/hate relationship) with a passion that runs down deep into my soul and heart. I love creating new worlds, I love meeting and shaping and growing characters and I love each and every one of them--even, in a way, the villains. You can't understand how much joy it brings me to know all the worlds and people I've created.
Anyhow, I have lots of really cool premises and starts, but I have troubles pulling them through. I was complaining to Mom about this one day when I came up with a particularly cool premise, and she told me just to write it. I told her I really had no idea where to start and had nothing to write. She told me:
"Then write the nothing--but if all you do is sit and think about how you never finish anything you never will. Just write it." (there was more to it, but it was over a week ago so I'm having troubles remembering it)
Yep, I've got a really awesome and inspirational mother, and I am so grateful to her, because if she hadn't told me those words I wouldn't have the 'nothing' I've been working on for the past week or so: Project 6-1-2.

I normally write fantasy, but this particular story is a sci-fi. Here's a back-of-the-case description:

In the year 2030, when near 18-year-old Emma Corte begins to have terrible nightmares of murder, mayhem, and a mysterious assassin, she also begins to notice differences in her abilities--since when could she defeat five trained men with her bare hands?
Meanwhile, in another world, Destin, the chief of security of a mysterious land called 'Arrivia', and his assistant, Argon, attempt to unravel the mystery of a string of murders, which is mysteriously linked to Emma Corte and the long abandoned, terrible accident of Project 6-1-2.

It's got plot twists, and mysteries, and villains, and though it's mostly black and white, there is a little bit of gray. It'd be soooooo cool if I could ever get this made into any kind of movie--I really think it'd make at least a somewhat enjoyable watch if it was done right.
The really amazing thing about this script is that it only took me seven days to write it--SEVEN DAYS! I am so, so proud of it, and I love all of my characters so much. Here are the main four it revolves around:

Destin: The calm, cool and calculating Constable of Arrivia, Destin is brilliant, even
by Arrivial standards. He has worked hard and long to reach his position and is proud of his achievements, even if he doesn't show it. Good at putting his emotions out of the equation, he rules with head--sometimes drowning out his heart.
Argon: Argon is the assistant of Destin and is much more aggressive than his cool counterpart. Strong, gruff and sarcastic, he has acute instincts and prefers to leap before he looks--when Destin isn't policing him. Despite their many differences and verbal clashes, Argon looks up to his superior and holds great respect for him.
Emma: Though Emma spends most of the movie confused and frantic, she is more naturally calm and soft-spoken when the world isn't falling apart around her. Strong and kind, Emma trusts her instincts and heart to guide her way.
Enden: Enden is an assassin, and has no one in the world save himself. For someone capable of such dark acts, one would be surprised to learn that he is pleasant company, naturally friendly and easily brought to laughter when around--even if sometimes this nature can be terribly unnerving. An expert in martial arts and knife throwing, he is far more cunning than one might first guess from his light demeanor.

Of course there are a few side characters, but this is the main quartet who dominate the screen in my script. I love them all and had so much fun writing them that I had to share this with you, so I hope it didn't bore you to tears.

Thank you for reading!
(oh, and happy new year again!)



100pr00f said...
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Froggy said...

Happy New Year, Galaxy! Congratulations on your script!

Galaxy said...

Thank you! You as well.

Hope_princess said...

Your book sounds super fascinating. You're making me want to read it all ready. Please get it published soon, so I can read it. Will you tell me as soon as you're near to getting published?

*squeal* I'm so excited!

Galaxy said...

I'm so glad you're excited about my story! That definitely motivates me to get it done. I thought it was finished, and gave it to Nana to check grammar on, but I think I have to rewrite at least the last three chapters. I will most certainly tell you the moment it's out there--thank you so much for your support!

(by and by, let me know when your book comes out, okay, Melissa?)


Hope_princess said...

Okay, a few questions.

I was surprised when you still remembered I was writing a book. You're so sweet, and you really made my day by asking about my book. Here are the questions-

How long did it take you to get your book written the first time?

Do you have a few tips about getting a book written REALLY fast? It's been three years since I started writing and it's not even halfway done!! I'm scared that I'm ruining it by taking so long. I really need to get my first draft done!