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Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Three Scariest People In the World

Hello, everyone!

Today I am posting about the three scariest people in the world—or at least the three scariest people in the world to me. Here they are, in order of most frightening (the scariest first, least scary last):

Jonathon Teatime
(pronounced teh-ah-tim-eh)

A fictional assassin from a book by Terry Pratchett called Hogfather and a movie by the same name. He is a villain that is... so creepy. He makes chills run down my spine, and when I walk down the halls at night I always check for him and that devil-quick knife of his. He's cheerful, and has this way of moving faster than the eye. First he's behind you, then in front of you, then... anywhere. No words can really describe how terrifying I find him. I’ve had nightmares of him. Literally!

Yet at the same time, he is hysterical in both book and movie (while being more frightening than anything... odd combo, eh?) and makes some of the funniest comments throughout (though a few Death—not the state of being, the anthropomorphic personification—makes definitely beat him). I'm glad I've seen/read the story/movie, in fact they’re some of my favorites, but... he’s so terrifying!!!


(or Gabriel Gray)

This fear is from the television show Heroes. You might know the actor as Spock from Star Trek, but before that he was Sylar, a psychokiller with super-powers who goes around killing other people with super powers in the most brutal ways and stealing their powers. His natural power is to see when things are broken, see how to fix them, and have the need to know. He was a watch maker/fixer before he… started killing people.

I'm more afraid of Teatime, but I'd much rather be killed by him than Sylar. With Teatime you see him, then in a flash you’re dead. Or you don't even see him. Or you drive him in a coach to the Tooth Fairy's castle and then he kills you. Either way, it's (usually—or rather, if you aren’t a dog or a maid or a butler before his superior told him his way of working ‘lacked elegance’) quick and clean. Not so with Sylar—he's brutal.

Dear Sister After You’ve Messed With (sometimes including looking at) Her Stuff

(she wouldn’t let me take a picture of her. Just imagine a beautiful, pale-faced girl with huge brown eyes open really, really wide and her lips pursed and her face glaring at you with a fire you’d only imagine in the depths of the most fiery pits of eternal damnation, yet still with the coldness of the darkest, snowiest winter, wrapping your soul and very being with ice)

Yep, my best friend, my dear love, my baby sister is one of my greatest fears. It's not the glare that's scary—it’s what comes after it!

Well, there you go; my three greatest fears in life (in the form of people, at least). Who are yours?



Hope_princess said...

Now I want to see these shows just to see how scary they are. But I'd probably have nightmares after that.
Thanks for sharing, now I can be on my guard.


Galaxy said...

Glad to be of service! I'm not sure if I can recommend Heroes (it's really graphic and doesn't make much sense often. I really don't watch it), but I very much enjoyed Hogfather (it was hysterical, the way it made fun of the world).

Anonymous said...

i live the hogfather, and mr teatime is totally the best bad-guy in any film, or in maybe scar, anyway its great someone else agrees with me.

Anonymous said...

p.s. i said scar was one of the best - not one f the scariest... :?