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Friday, January 16, 2009

It's All Perspective

(This post has to do with a poll I did recently: the question was "Is the Earth big, or small?" two said big, three said small)

Earth is huge. It's thousands of miles across, it's oceans are vast... But then you have to think of the sun. Compared to that, Earth doesn't seem quite so big. Now look at the galaxy (no, not me, just the galaxy in general)... the sun is a pinprick. Earth is a speck of dust. No, not even a speck of dust, Earth is a little molecule, floating around a pinprick. And now think about the Universe. Earth is no longer even a molecule. Earth is nothing.

Now think about a baseball. Compared to the universe, it's nothing. Heck, compared to the Earth (which we have already established as nothing) it's hardly anything at all. But think about bacteria. Think about how tiny they are. Think about how huge the ball must be to them. It's like a small planet of it's own to them. Now compare those to the Earth. Earth is a lot more than nothing.

And think about us. We're so small, and so big... How can that be? What is size?