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Monday, April 21, 2008

Ballet, Summer, and much much more!

Today was the day I find out if I'm going to move up a level or not this summer of ballet.

I'm not.

But that's really what I wanted. Four days a week is enough for me--definitely! (level VI {the next level up and the last level of ballet} is five days a week--MINIMUM!!!) I'm just really sad that some of the other Ballerina's are moving up without me... I'm gonna miss them :-(

Anyway, Summer is coming up and I can't wait! I'll be able to (drum roll please) SWIM! Hooray!

Swim Facts About Galaxy:
  1. She has yet to learn how to take breathes while swimming, but she loves the pool and adores floating around.
  2. She and her sister invented a type of swimming called the 'Mermaid', which involves diving down to the bottom of the pool and swimming like a mermaid.
  3. Her parents own an inflatable* pool--which probably inspired her love of water.
  4. She likes sun-bathing a lot.
  5. If it's hot, she swims. NOTHING can get in her way.
  6. She waits all year to swim, and enjoys it thoroughly while she can.

Another cool thing about Summer is that this will be the first time in three years that I won't be in a musical, and thus, I have (after I finish 6 weeks of ballet) NOTHING to do! That's right, NOTHING!--besides hanging out and having fun with friends and family.

So... that's all I have to say--for now!


Galaxy ;-)

*The pool isn't really inflatable; you just fill it up with water and it pops up. The pool is 12 feet by 42 inches.


persimmon said...

I'll show you how to take breaths while swimming, because you know, I love swimming, too. Hey, maybe you can come to Splash! and we can swim together...

and Enchanted Forest...that was so fun last summer...too bad they serve such icky food...could you have your mom make extra food for me.

Galaxy said...

Really? That'd be awesome! :-)

Yeah! Last time we went I had a blast! And I'm sure when we go next mommy and all of us wouldn't mind making extra food for you!