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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Things that make Galaxy's head spin like crazy:

  1. Temporal Mechanics (a.k.a. things involving time travel); it makes no sense!!!
  2. One day I Nana was driving me to ballet and we passed a car accident. I started thinking about if the car might be a crashed Alien space ship, and when we leave there how one of the aliens or some government officials or something could wipe all of our memories and make it look like a car accident instead of a spaceship. I laughed. "Of course it can't be that," I said. "I'm looking at it right now!" And then I passed the car. Now for all I know I could have seen a U.F.O. Ever since then stuff like that starts going around and around in my head.
  3. If someone who always tells the truth is asked if they've ever told a lie, and they say yes, are they lying, or telling the truth?
  4. Those drawings of things that are impossible to make.
  5. Why Chikezie left American Idol before David Archuleta(sp?)... what's up with that?!

I'm sure there are many, many other things, but unfortunately I can't think of them right now! Have nice day!


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