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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Dear Sister's Alphabet

Here is the Alphabet that describes my sister:

A is for Artistic

B is for Beautiful

C is for Caring

D is for Delightful

E is for Elegant

F is for Funny

G is for Goofy

H is for Happy

I is for Innocent-Looking

J is for Joking

K is for Kind

L is for Loving

M is for MINE

N is for Nice

O is for Open with me

P is for Polite

Q is for Questioning

R is for Reluctant

S is for Sweet

T is for Talkative (once you get to know her, she can go on and on and on and on and on and
on...--not that that bugs me... I talk even more!--the funny thing is that when you first meet her she's so quiet...)

U is for Unemployed (currently... she's trying to find a job right now)

V is for Very fun

W is for Wary

X is for Xtra fun (it's not my fault I can't think of an adjective that begins with X!)

Y is for Yarn (she knits... a little)

Z is for Z, her sister's favorite letter of the Alphabet.

That's my Dear Sister's alphabet! Maybe someone could do mine?! That'd be sooo cool...



Rose said...

I'm actually only talkative with household family...doesn't matter how well I know them...but I talk more than if I didn't know them. I'm thinking G would be for goofy...I don't know...your post...just thought I'd say.

Galaxy said...

Okay, Rosy. Thanks for elaborating!

Galaxy said...

I take that back. I'd want the boy to be the first child, and the younger two to be girls.

Galaxy said...

Oops... that last comment was supposed to be on the "If I had children..." post. Sorry!