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Saturday, May 3, 2008

How to write a song in ten easy steps:

  1. Invent a melody. You really have to memorize it, I'd recommend to record it on your computer/MP3/Ipod/Tape Recorder/whatever you have on hand so you can be sure to have this melody for later steps.
  2. Think of some adjectives describing the melody that you just came up with. (one melody might sound: sad, longing and waiting, while another might sound: joyous and excited)
  3. Use those adjectives to decide what type of song you're writing. Work off of them and your melody to write the lyrics.
  4. Now you either have the chorus or a verse of your song. Work off of the lyrics and melody you already have and write another verse, or the chorus.
  5. Repeat step 4 until completion of the lyrics.
  6. Add new melodies where necessary (you must base it after the first one).
  7. Sing through your song and fix any remaining bugs.
  8. Name your song. (When in doubt you can use common lyrics from your song, an adjective describing the song, an emotion felt in the song, or some common words in the chorus or verses)
  9. Sing your song to a relative or close friend and ask for advice. You'd be surprised what a help they can be.
  10. Record your completed song to your computer/MP3/Ipod/Tape Recorder/whatever you have on hand .

Congrats on your new song!

Galaxy ;-)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks. These steps helped me a lot and my friends helped out soooo much. I snag this in front of my class and now they're asking for another one. So i better get started. Bye! =^.^=