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Friday, May 23, 2008

Rainy Reading

Yesterday, me and the Fam went outside together. As you know, I'm a bookworm and I had my nose in a particularly good book, and I just couldn't bare to leave it. So I took it outside with me and sat in my favorite reading spot (I have this swing set with a tarp over it, and supporting the tarp are some vertical beams, one beam is connected to the horizontal wood plank that goes over the slide. What I do is sit on the beam over the slide, and lean my back on the beam holding the tarp up) My knee stuck out in the rain, and I could hear and see it as well, but the book was safe and dry under the tarp. I sat like this--slightly cold and pretty dry--for quite some time as I read The Secret of the Sirens (yes, another one of those books with Greek Mythology in it). It was very relaxing. Then Brother1 came and he wanted to play with me--the rest of my family had gone back inside--so we played Marco Polo for a while, and then we played tag, and then we went back under the tarp and it began raining harder. Brother1 wanted to run around outside, but he didn't have a coat on, and he was scared of getting wet. So I gave him my black sweater and these careful instructions:
"Go inside with this jacket on, Sweetie, and ask mommy to get your coat and put it on you. Then come back out with my jacket and give it to me."
Brother1 agreed, and I put my jacket on his cute little self. It was then I remembered I was wearing a thin short-sleeved and that my pants didn't quite go down all the way and the socks I was wearing were anklets. The sweater had been the only thing keeping me from freezing! Oh well, I thought, I'll just grin and bear it. This is for my little brother, you know. And so I braved the cold as my little brother ran to the house in that over-sized jacket. That image alone was worth it.
So I began to read again, and yes, I got colder, but it wasn't bad at all. The rain was wonderful and I felt... good! I was almost glad to be without my jacket; I felt closer to nature somehow. The only thing that would have made this better was if the swing set was a huge tree and I was looking out at a beautiful valley...
It took Brother1 a loooong time to get back, but when he did he was adorable as usual. He ran up to me and gave me my jacket, shortly after deciding to go inside. I stayed out reading until dinner was almost ready and my peoples needed some help.

Rainy Reading is really a wonderful experience. This may seem like nothing much to post about, but I really feel like I should... weird, eh?


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