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Friday, May 23, 2008

Oranges and Apples

Once upon a time Qacei tagged a girl named Galaxy with an ABC blog tag thing. In that blog tag thing, one of the questions she had to answer was: Oranges or Apples? She thought it was NO CONTEST and chose Apples... and I agree with her on that there is NO CONTEST, but, I'm afraid that she is dreadfully wrong on the other aspect--ORANGES are the BEST!

What has caused this sudden change of heart? Well, if you have been reading my blog, than you will know that before we left from our vacation I had a really bad cold, and that my throat was killing me. There was one savior: Oranges. I know this sounds weird, but Oranges while you have a sore throat is like a hot shower when you have chicken pox! It was a miracle, and it tasted fabulous! I practically lived on oranges... it was wonderful!

So now, I love oranges. I really really do. They're totally amazing!



persimmon said...

As you may or may not know, I just got braces AGAIN, and I was thinking of last time I wore braces and what I liked to eat (I haven't eaten much of anything for a week and have lost a lot of weight in my hands - lol). My most favorite things were oranges, too! I would sit in my favorite chair reading, eating an entire bag of oranges along with an entire bag of potato chips. For some reason, it's a pleasant memory. My other favorite thing was watermelon! Yum. Crisp, cold, sweet...this was in the old days when they still had seeds.

Galaxy said...

Cool! I hope your teeth straiten.

Yeah, watermelon is amazing... I wait all year for that stuff.

persimmon said...

Oh, yeah, they will...I just hope they don't fall out...btw, you left off the silent "gh" in straighten. Hope to see you all here Memorial Day...Mr. Photographer is a veteran! of the Air Force, I told him "thank you for serving our country" today. Your great grandpa (maternal side) and Poppa L were also Air Force veterans. Your cousin is still serving, I think. You know what, I think Memorial Day is to remember those who have passed on and Veterans Day is to remember those still here. I guess!
Your great, great to infinity grandpa was one of the writer's of Constitution...I think I have his nose. :) check it out only feminine:

froggy said...

I'll try it next time I get a sore throat!