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Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Fillins #31

1. Please feel free to comment on my blog! I always love that!
2. When I bring Mom and Dad their coffee I can't help sniffing it occasionally. I just love the smell, though I doubt I'll ever drink the stuff.
3. My favorite thing to cook is probably cookies, though waffles are loads of fun too.
4. Laughter is something I can't get enough of.
5. That's the thing I love most about life, the fact you can do anything with it.
6. Dear Sister's wonderful goofiness always makes me think to myself, what the heck?
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a MIDnight with Froggy and her brother (you might have seen her comment now and then), tomorrow my plans include going on a hike with Nana and maybe seeing Grandma Janie and Sunday, I want to have a ball!

Have a simply fantastic amazingly wonderful strangely spontaneous and weirdly glorious weekend!



Froggy said...

You always do really great Friday Fillins, Galaxy!

Galaxy said...

Thanks! You too!

Froggy said...

Thank you!