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Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh, thank god...

I've mentioned this now and then, but not that often, and I suppose it would be easy for you to missed this, since I haven't said much about it. But the fact of the matter is that I have been having joint pains since very early July. Yes, July.
It makes it hard me to move, painful to walk, type and pick up heavy objects, unable to dance Ballet, impossible to run, has me moving like a cripple of sorts and causes me a good amount of pain. I try not to think about it much, and I suppose that's why I don't post about it often; I don't want to be reminded of it. Every once in a while I brake down... and I think about how I used to move, like a ballerina, like a gazelle, leaping and running all over. I remember days when I could fold myself in half practically, and lift my leg not that far from my ear. I was so flexible, and strong... I was always proud of my strength, slightly-toned arms and great flexibility, and took every opportunity to show it off. Now it takes effort to even clamber on top of my bed (it is a high bed, I guess. All the way up to my hip bones, but that doesn't really matter. I used to get up without any trouble with my old flexibility)!

I suppose you're wondering why this post is titled 'Oh, thank god...' when the subject of this post sounds like it should be titled 'Why?', or 'How long must I go through this?' or 'Me whining uncontrollably'? Well, Mommy got me in for an appointment with a specialist this Tuesday, and I'm hoping against hope that he will help. Mom has been trying for a while now, but it's just taken a long time to find an opening.

I really am very, very grateful to the world. I have it much better than most anyone in the entire globe, in my opinion. I have a wonderful sister, two adorable brothers and two parents who love me more than anything. I just wish this would go away.



Froggy said...

I'm so sorry about all your joint pains!

Galaxy said...

thanks for the sympathy :-)