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Friday, August 15, 2008

Learning Latin

A while ago Mommy bought some Latin books, and I finally opened one yesterday. It was geared towards homeschoolers like me, and it was very interesting, well done and fun! I really really enjoyed learning the words... they sounded so nice and fit all together, and it was really cool to see words like 'Agricola(sp?)' (which sounds to me a lot like agriculture) for Farmer, and 'Non' (with a little mark-y thing above the 'o', it sounds like 'no' with an 'n' at the end) for 'Not', and 'Poeta' for 'Poet'... you could really tell our language was somehow related.
Not only that, but the book was just plain fun! I loved the way the author did it, and I'm very excited about "Getting Started With Latin", both the book and actually doing it.

One annoying thing about Latin is that most words don't have to be in a specific order, so 'I am a sailor' or 'a sailor I am' mean the same thing, 'Nauta sum', and 'Sum nauta' ('sum' means 'I am', and nauta means 'sailor'). It was a relief reaching 'Non' though, as it actually has a rule: Place it before the verb!

And now, for my closing sentence, I would like to mention that I learned a rather famous saying in this forgotten tongue: Cogito(sp?) Ergo Sum!!! (I think, therefore I am)



persimmon said...

res ipsa loquitur

Galaxy said...

I'm not quite that far... What does it mean?

Ego sum poeta, es...?