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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My B-day song from Rose and why I haven't been posting

Happy Birthday to thee,
You're going to be,
A big 1 and a big 3,
Happy Birthday to ye!!!

This song was so cute and made me smile so much I had to post it.

Anyway, why haven't I been posting?
Well, it started when Brother1 threw up, then Dear Sister started feeling sick, then Mommy threw up, then Daddy started getting sick, then Rosi my dearest sister threw up... anyway, I was the only healthy one and my whole family could barely stand on their two feet. The following night I'm sure wasn't quite as bad for me as them, but it was really, really, really bad for me. People needed so much of my help and I was so tired and my joints (I think that I've mentioned I've been having some awful joint pain since July 6th-ish, but I'm not certain) were killing me, but my wonderful family needed me so much... seeing them like that was awful for me. I felt like crying. It got so bad that Daddy decided to take Monday (the next day) off.

Poor Brother1 was in such pain that after he threw up in the bathroom, he didn't leave and ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor. No one else was much better.

I slept here and there as much as I could, but I didn't get to close my eyes for good until 6:00am. Seriously.

Anyway, to make matters worse, the next day I got sick. It was horrible. I thought I was going to die... I almost wanted to. I threw up a total of three times that day, and thank goodness that was it. On this day everyone was feeling at least a little better (besides me of course)... Brother1 was great, and was almost up to his old high spirits. Dear Sister was okay, Mommy was still bad, but better, and Daddy was pretty good, but still sick.

We weren't really completely well until today, and even today we suffer from after effects (especially Mommy). One really sad thing is that by sitting around being sick, my joints got extra stiff, and now that I can move again, they really really hurt! Even typing this post causes pain.

Well, there was Rose's cute song, and my excuse for not posting. Hopefully none of you had this horrible disease/food poisoning/what ever it is!!!



Froggy said...

Oh, my! that sounds simply awful!
But the song is really cute!

Galaxy said...

Oh, it was! I'm glad you like the song too!