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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My First Birthday is Coming Up!!!

Obviously I don't mean my first birthday, as I am quite apparently over the first year, what I do mean is my first birthday while I'm on blogger.

What am I going do for it? Well, I'm probably going to have a mostly family party, though I may have a couple friends over. I'm probably going to watch movies, play board games, go swimming, eat junk food (though I have no intentions of "taking a break" from my Vegan diet) and open some presents from Dear Sister, and a few other peoples...

Anyway, my birthday is on September 7th... I always thought that was a very beautiful sounding date, I mean, sept, ember, sev, enth... it sounds like some sort of elven tongue. Not only that, but September means seven! It turns out September used to be the seventh month, but then someone added others in, so now it's not in the right spot. Anyway, the intersting thing is that my birthday date translates to Seven Seventh!

Well, I guess that's it! I just thought I'd post about my excitment for my 13th Birthday!


P.S. And how could I forget? I'm going to have lots of coconut... lots and lots of coconut!

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