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Saturday, October 16, 2010

I am an ARTIST

See, I would NEVER have dreamed to use the word 'artist' and the word 'me', 'I', or 'Galaxy' in the same sentence without being preceded by a negative. I was horrible. Utterly, completely, horrible.

And theeeeeeeeeeeeen Mr. Teatime, a childish sociopath from the discworld book and movie Hogfather, invaded my mind. Suddenly my brain was singing Draw him! Draw him! Draw him!

And, well, I tried to draw him. I started with anime since that's a pretty simple drawing technique I thought I could understand and catch on to with relative ease. I was never really happy with any of them and I think Brother1 and 2 destroyed all my sad attempts eventually, since I didn't put them anywhere safe (idiotic of me, I know). But I didn't really care.

And then, world be praised, I found devaintART. All these beautiful drawings I could use for reference! A bazillion pictures to search through and adore! A community of artists to share with and get tips from! *sighs* That was the coming of the beginning of the twist*.

Then I just sketched off someone else's Teatime drawing. And then I tried drawing an original character that had been running around in my head singing 'draw me' as well in a similar style. After that I was hooked - Daddy said I was drawing 24/7. And I almost was. If we were watching a movie, I was drawing. If I was lying in bed trying to sleep, I was drawing. If I was sitting in the living room thinking, I was drawing. If I was browsing the internet - I was drawing. You get my drift, I think.

Throughout all this mad artistry, I’ve been slowly developing my own style. And really, I still am. But now my art is rather different from most others. One day I want to draw realistically, in body shots and face works, but that’s going to take me a while – so I’m starting here, with a more cartoony approach. Recently I've been trying a more realistic style with only faces, and that's manifested in the few pictures just below these huge blocks of text. People say that approach suits me, so I'll probably be drawing a lot more of it. It’s also really really fun XD

And NOW. NOW at long last I can call myself an artist. I've worked hard for that. I'm just amazed at how I went from a horrible wannabe who HATED to draw, to an okay beginner who loves it with a passion in only a few months. And, unlike most my other obsessions, this has yet to fade away. I'm glad for that.

And that's my attempt at posting something interesting. I hope it was ;-)

*Sorry. Song line. Had to use it. SUCH A COOL SONG.

Phoenix Shifter, the farmgirl firegirl. I think I posted this pic already.

My attempt at drawing Dear Sister. Her jaw is way too far forwards and she looks much older than she actually does, but I can see the Her in this.

Cassandra Larimar, belonging to one Octironstar. Cass is a discworld original character, vampress, alchemist, and bipolar loony with good intentions and a caring heart.

Another one of those loonies. Lucia von Heidegger, belonging to me and Candyexorcist. She was a queen who went mad with the death of her husband and resorted to abdicating her throne and locking herself in a tower to perform sorcery far away. She is bold, brave, wise, snappy, tempermental, and very regal. Her curls drove me mad.


Alternicity said...

These are good. You have far more skill at drawing than I ever had.

If my boys were drawing these, I would advise them to photograph/scan them then carry on digitally in GIMP (we don't use photoshop) to get the advantages of layers and all the other tools there.

Galaxy said...

Thank you! Wow, I feel all bubbly and happy to hear that. Thanks for the advice! It's much appreciated.