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Friday, October 22, 2010

Kings of Darkness Update

I worked on that book for almost three years, if you include the hours I poured into editing. The trouble was I honestly didn't know where I was going when I started – well, I knew how it was supposed to end and basic plot of the series, but what was the first book supposed to accomplish? What kind of missions would a band of Rebels go off on? I don't know.

What ended up happening were some cheesy, pointless, non-plot furthering scenes (including nympths, a 'Sword of Teer' that I made up COMPLETELY out of the blue, and time travel. No, I'm serious), pointless expeditions, and way too many characters (including a bratty sorceress, NYMPHS, and magical creatures). And then, a long, long while later I started rereading my story. Let's just say I was under impressed. My writing has, apparently, grown immensely since then and I have no intentions of associating my name with a sub-quality book - or rather, a book with which I know beyond doubt that I could do much, much better.

Then we have May Petersen, the main character. If you asked me about her, I would say: "She's an average multitalented girl average at everything she does besides solving mysteries (which she excels at) who gets sucked up into this magical land and has to help save the kingdom of Glorsifil from a tyrant King Ronan who doesn't seem quite - "

"No, no, Galaxy, I want to hear about what kind of person this 'May' is. What's she like?"

"Oh, oh! Well, she's got shoulder length auburn hair, emerald eyes, a square chin - " (I wrote this book before I cut my hair, I swear. Besides, my hair's too dusty to be auburn and my eyes to gray to be emerald. And my chin isn't square)

"No, Galaxy, you're doing it again. Tell me about her personality. Her traits."

Then there would be silence. I'd probably blink a couple times. If you asked me about any of my other original characters I could talk for hours about their personality alone.

"Um, well, she's resilient... nice... quick on her feet... and petrified of horses for the first five chapters while remaining jittery around them throughout the entire thing?"

As you can see, I have quite a few problems. The only thing I could think to do would be to totally rehaul everything - yes, everything - and write Kings of Darkness from scratch. Originally it was going to be four books all together: The Reining Night, A Glimmer of Light, Eclipse, and Dusk or Dawn, but now I'm noticing how I was trying to stretch out the first one in my mad attempts, and maybe if I just collapsed them all together it would make for a better, more action filled, less fluffy story.

I'm still figuring out how I'm going to execute all this, how I'm going to work it out, but I have to try. Because Fredric is in that book (and he's one of my favorites out of all the characters I've ever written), because I poured far too much of my heart and soul into that story to give up now, and because Mommy said abandoning K.o.D. was a "horrible, evil" thing, though she did express how much she doesn't like the fantasy genre.

And I guess that's all there is to it, but I promised an explanation, so there you have one. To do list: Manufacture a new main character, plot out what must be accomplished, feel out how many books it'll take (I'm hoping for only one, maybe two), and start once more. Mwahahahaahahaha.

In the meanwhile, I've got a newly published, very interesting, exciting sci-fi book called Project 6-1-2 with lots of awesome characters that you're absolutely welcome to read, buy, and review at this link here:

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