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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monsters vs Aliens

I just watched a really, really cute movie for the second time. It's called Monsters vs Aliens and it was adorable. Eighty percent of the jokes made me grin widely if not laugh out loud and the characters were so endearing. I loved Link, even though he seemed a little useless in the beginning. But NO, he pulled more than his weight at the end, and he was gosh darn fun the whole time, too. I just loved his voice. And the DOC! He was brilliant – literally, too; he made a super computer out of two spray cans, a toaster, and a paper clip. And he laughs evilly. He does the mad scientist laugh. And he’s a good guy. What’s not to love? His voice was perfect for the part, too. Then there was B.O.B. the Blob – what a sweet, confused, brainless pile of gelatiness goop! Again perfect casting. And how could I forget dear Susan? Or, should I say, Ginormica. A sweet hearted, strong spirited, happily mindsetted heroine who I really adored. Must I mention they picked a wonderful voice to play the part once more?

Anyhow, PERFECT CASTING near all around, I think. A fun movie with a fun story and a fun cast of characters leading up to a fun ending. One of my favorite animated films, definitely – up there with WALL-E and How to Train Your Dragon. But I can’t compare it to The Iron Giant. Not yet. I’m not ready for that. (sniffs, tears up, starts getting shaky) I loved The Iron Giant.


Alternicity said...

Ever read the book of Iron Giant?
It had a slightly different story.

We loved the film as well though.

Galaxy said...

I read a little beensy bit of the beginning and part of the ending - it was quite a bit different; nearly a different story all together. But I adored the movie. The superman bit at the end gets me every single time.