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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Iiiiiiiiiiiiii'm Baaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaack!

She’s back from the dead, and now a published author!

Yip, y’all heard me right. I’ll be posting on a regular basis once more, and I’ve finally got a book available to buy on But it’s not Kings of Darkness.

Remember that script I wrote that I was using to make a movie with some friends? Well, that fell apart, so I wrote it into a book and self published it. It’s called Project 6-1-2 and you can check it out here:

Beyond that, my arthritis is all but gone, thanks to extreme weird eating and low-dose naltroxone taken long term. Hallelujah! I’m much out of shape due to lots of sitting around (I went from 95lbs to 137lb without growing an eighth of an inch), but hey, I can move now, so hopefully I’ll be fit again soon.

So now you’ve got one happy Galaxy glad to write and signing off with much love. Expect to hear a heck of a lot more about her shortly!

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